The Pasco Sheriff’s Office utilizes qualified people in serving their community as volunteers in a number of positions.
Prospective volunteers must undergo a background check and fingerprinting. Volunteers do not receive any salary or benefits but are covered by worker’s compensation. Volunteering is a good way to learn or hone valuable job skills and can be an asset when applying for jobs with prospective employers.

If you would like to work as a volunteer and assist the law enforcement mission of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, contact the Human Resources Unit at 1-800-854-2862, extension 7791.


    • Citizen Service Unit / Parking Enforcement – House Checks
    • Detention – Classification
    • Economic Crimes
    • Fleet Maintenance clerical assistant (2 positions needed) – perform tasks related to scheduling of vehicle maintenance,
      office work, assignment of vehicles and other clerical duties for a large fleet.
    • Human Resources
    • Jeep Unit
    • Pasco Posse
    • Property & Evidence
    • Safety Town

To apply for any of the above openings, fill out the  Volunteer Application and submit it to the Human Resources Unit.


(See Current Volunteer Opportunities above for open positions)


Chaplain (LOL):

Assist the Chaplain at the LOL Jail. Activities: Assist with paperwork, record keeping and some data entry in the Data Base, some computer skills necessary.

Child Protective Services:

Assist agency personnel in investigating at risk juvenile / custody cases. Activities: Help with office & clerical work.

Citizen’s Service Unit (CSU):

Unit of Volunteers especially trained by the Sheriff’s Office to respond to many non-emergency and routine calls for service that does not require law enforcement or regulatory authority. Requires a driving test. Activities: Community Patrol, Traffic Control, Vehicle Crashes, Parking Enforcement, Search Assistance, Crime Scene Assistance, Investigating & Reporting of “Non-Suspect” Crimes, Vacation/ Dark House Checks, Court Services, Traffic “Calming”.

Civil Process:

Serve subpoenas to law enforcement and public service agencies throughout Pasco County. Activities: Using an agency vehicle, drive to specific locations indicated in the subpoenas and attempt to serve the subpoena to the specified individual. This activity is county wide.

Court Information Desk:

Provide information and direction to citizens that have business at the Court House. Activities: Assist Court House Bailiffs in providing information and or direction to any citizen that needs assistance once inside the Court House. Shifts are 3-4 hours in duration. Working with another volunteer person; being able to give guidance to citizens as to what department they need to see, court room to go to, etc.

Dark House / Vacation House Check:

Unit of Volunteers especially trained by the Sheriff’s Office to check vacant houses, record the status, report any unusual circumstances to PCSO Office. Requires a driving test. Activities: Check vacant residences that are filed with the sheriff’s office. Must be able to walk in hot weather to check residences. Report all suspicious activity to residences checked.


Assist the Detention Unit with follow-up phone calls to people awaiting court action. Assist detectives by taking pictures, fingerprinting, paperwork, and in registering Sex Offenders.

Economic Crimes:

Assist detectives by making follow-up phone calls to victims, filing reports, answering phone calls. Activities: Assist detectives with cases, must have computer skills in Excel & Word software programs.

Explorers Program:

The Explorers Program, sanctioned by the Boy Scouts allows both young men and women 14-20 years of age to assist in special events and functions at the Sheriff’s Office while learning the basics of law enforcement.


Some volunteers are used for filing, recording information, etc.


(Latent Print Section): Assist Civilian employees with mostly clerical activities. Activities: Filing / pulling from files, log new cases, search for suspects’ arrest histories using a computer, print arrest cards using a computer & scan cards using a computer, some data entry, answering phones, etc.

Intelligence LED Policing (ILP):

Assist ILP Staff in filing, data entry, answering phones when gathering input for Law Enforcement Officers, Citizens, media, etc.

Jeep Unit:

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Volunteer Jeep Search and Rescue Unit supports the Sheriff’s Office. Our main purpose is to provide vehicular support for emergencies in Pasco County and elsewhere in the state, with emphasis on Search and Rescue, performing duties related to missing persons, evidence searches, flood and other disaster assistance when special team skills are required. Click here for more information.

Major Crimes:

Assist detectives in reviewing, filing, suggestions on cold cases. Must have computer skills and prior law enforcement or investigative background. Activities: Assist detectives by reviewing cold cases, making phone calls, making suggestions based on investigative skills, etc.

McGruff the Crime Dog:

Activity: Provide educational performances of “McGruff’ in person (Costume) for events, schools, etc. on a scheduled basis.

Medical Department (LOL):

Assist the Medical Staff at LOL Jail Facility. Activities: Assist Medical Staff with answering phone calls, scanning medical records, purging medical charts, filing, other clerical jobs, etc.

Parking Enforcement Specialist:

Parking Enforcement Specialist, who enforces parking statutes and ordinance.

Pasco Posse:

We currently have openings for volunteers (18 and up) and Jr Posse volunteers (14-17).

We provide extensive training to prepare member and mount to participate in: Parades, Search & Rescue Missions, Presentations at Schools & Summer Camps, Attend Community Events, Conduct Community Rides, Patrol Mall Parking and work in Parking areas of large events at the Pasco County Fairgrounds, Pioneer Museum and Zephyrhills BBQ & Blues.

Property & Evidence:

Provide assistance to do filing, relocating property within the building, using database for entering property, etc.

Property Evidence:

Assist the agency employees at the Land ‘O Lakes facility. Activities: Assist with answering phones calls, filing various reports, stamping envelopes with appropriate information, other duties as assigned.

Records Unit (LOL):

Assist civilian employees with computer work and filing, scanning documents.

Safety Town:

Volunteers provide safety tips and tours of Safety Town for Pasco School children and other children. Activities: Provide scheduled tours of Safety Town for Pasco Schools and others as necessary; Supervise Operation Pay Back “OPB” personnel.

Safety Town:

Need for Instructors & Crew Leaders. Training provided by the Safety Town Corporal.


Assist the Training Unit to provide continuing education & training for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Activities: Assist with filing, record keeping, and clerical activities. Should have basic computer skills.

Vice & Narcotics:

Assist with investigating all drug & gang activity in Pasco County. Activities: Assist with record keeping & filing of tips concerning drug & gang activity. Should have prior law enforcement background.

Victims Advocate Unit:

Assist agency personnel that provide support to Victims of Crime. Activities: Help with office & clerical work.

Warrants Unit (LOL):

Assist Warrants unit with filing and searching records as necessary.