Volunteers in Police Service Awards


Top volunteers were honored at the 2015 Annual Pasco Sheriff’s Office (PSO) Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) recognition luncheon. The event was sponsored by Thomas B. Dobies and the Florida West Coast Credit Union and held at the Spartan Manor, 6121 Massachusetts Avenue in New Port Richey.

“The amount of time our volunteers work in the community makes Pasco County a safer place to live,” said Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco as he praised the volunteers. “Not only do they help our deputies and detectives with day-to-day tasks, but they also add valuable eyes and ears to the community.They certainly make us a stronger agency.”

The VIPS unit was inspired by President George W. Bush who in 2002 challenged all Americans to make time to help their neighbors, communities and nation through volunteer service. It was that effort that led to the PSO Citizen Service Unit.The first class of volunteers hit the streets in 2004.

CSU Volunteer of the Year

Bob EngleBob Engle is currently one of longest-serving Citizen Service Unit (CSU) volunteer in the unit and was a member of the first CSU class in 2004. Bob has performed many vital and invaluable services for his community and has been a true pioneer to the volunteer’s evolving mission at the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. He has been an integral part in the growth of the CSU program and his spirit of community service and volunteerism is an example for everyone to follow. Bob’s modest and willful service to his community coupled with his enthusiastic dedication to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office mission is a noticeable stimulus of higher performance among his fellow volunteers and agency members.


Bob is consistently a team player and reports for his volunteering time with a positive attitude and is always willing to lend a helping hand.  He constantly takes on new tasks with enthusiasm. During the implementation phase of the volunteer program, there were no CSU Field Training Officers, so Bob was trained by road deputies which was a longer process compared to now. In addition, while the unit was still growing, there was a need to assist Florida Highway Patrol ((FHP) with minor traffic crashes. Bob was one of the first volunteers to be trained as a Traffic Crash Investigator (TCI) which at the time was approximately a 3 month training program coordinated by FHP instructors. As the CSU program continues to grow, the field training program continues to be an important step in evaluating and training new volunteers. Bob was among the first to dedicate his time by becoming a CSU Field Training Officer (FTO) which is an essential part of the CSU program. CSU volunteers are trained to be skilled witnesses in identifying criminal behavior and are encouraged to report suspicious activities to deputies while on patrol. Bob continues to volunteer as an FTO in which he has trained numerous CSU volunteers. His trainees continue to provide a significant impact on the growth and success of the program. Bob is someone that I can go to help with suggestions to refine training opportunities and operational methods within the unit. Bob has accumulated approximately 10,000 hours and has been awarded the Presidential Volunteerism award for accumulating a lifetime of hours of at least 4,000 hours. As you can see he has almost tripled that amount as a volunteer here at the agency. Bob is always willing to commit his time to assist various charitable organizations that need CSU support. Bob continues to support the community policing philosophy of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office and is an active participant in furthering law enforcement-community partnerships, interactive problem solving, and follow-up investigations. He has excelled in training and motivating volunteers and embodying these traits and not only deserves our respect but our gratitude. Community Service is an embedded tradition for Bob and the Pasco Sheriff’s Office is better place today because of the exemplary service Bob provides to his community. Bob is an outstanding representative of the volunteers program and is this year’s CSU Volunteer of the year.

Parking Enforcement Volunteer of the Year

Bob NagleBob Nagle has been a volunteer with the agency since 2010 as a member of the Citizen Service Unit. (CSU)  His professional demeanor, attention to detail, and willingness to help is something Bob constantly displays when assisting his fellow volunteers. Last year, Bob was selected as one of the first Field Training Officers for the Parking Enforcement unit. He is a dedicated volunteer and it’s evident with his commitment to train any new parking enforcement volunteers. Bob is thorough with his daily activity reports and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He is thorough when enforcing Parking regulations and is patient in educating the public when violations are observed. He is a charismatic volunteer who is a constant professional when others need help. In addition to assisting in Parking Enforcement, Bob constantly goes the extra mile to help if any volunteers are needed for any special event activities requiring CSU involvement or helping out at Safety Town. Bob is an outstanding representative of the volunteer program and is this year’s Parking Enforcement Volunteer of the year.

Support Services Volunteer of the Year

Doris BareissDoris Bareiss has been a volunteer with the agency since 2008. After attending the sheriff’s office citizen academy, Doris wanted to be a member of the volunteer program but she waited for the “perfect assignment.” In February 2009, Doris found her perfect assignment becoming a volunteer in Property/Evidence. Doris has been one of the backbones of the unit by taking care of the filing of property receipts, attaching paperwork, and helping in finding misplaced paperwork. Doris also makes a point to have a better understanding of how property evidence works so she will accompany the members with drop offs / or pickups of evidence at the courthouse, monitoring drug destructions at the county incinerator, and assist with picking up evidence at various district locations. Without her diligence and attention to tasks property/evidence would not run as efficiently as it does.


Also if you ever stop by property/evidence there is a candy bucket which is filled 3 times a week by Doris. This act of kindness from her only puts a smile on members of property/evidence faces but the face of tired and hungry deputies who may or may not be having the best day. Over the years property/evidence has had many volunteers. Some have stayed a few months, but Doris has been with unit going on her 7th year. The pride she has for the agency shines not only in her work but by always being a positive person. She demonstrates her pride by bringing in news articles about the agency and agency members to post on her bulletin board. Doris is not just a volunteer; we consider her one of us, part of the family. She exemplifies the agency motto, We Fight as One. Doris is an outstanding representative of the volunteer program and is this year’s Support Service Volunteer of the Year.

Volunteer Reserve Deputy of the Year

Tammy Mira-Gulley

During 2014, Reserve Tammy Mira-Gulley volunteered in several areas of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office while maintaining a full time job as a Supervisor of Inspections, with the Tampa Fire Department.  While keeping pace as a mother of 3 and everyday life in general she provides any extra time available to serve the Pasco County Community.

She has assisted with special events such as DUI Check Point Operations, foot patrols during the Pasco County Fair, downtown NPR Parades, and is a member of the Mounted Unit which includes her providing her own horse, related equipment, truck & trailer, and fuel at her own expense. She completes many hours of training which include equestrian related training to remain at the top of her game when it comes to serving the citizens of Pasco County. Tammy has a great rapport with citizen’s she contacts and when handling complaints or difficult situations she demonstrates great interpersonal skills.

Tammy willingly volunteers as much as she can; despite all she has going on at home and at work.   When called upon, she does everything possible to rearrange her schedule to STEP UP and be of service in our communities as a reservist and a member of the Mounted Unit.

Tammy is always someone you can count on when she is needed and is congratulated for her achievements and reliability as a Reserve Deputy for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Tammy is an outstanding representative of the volunteers program and is this year’s Reserve Volunteer of the year.

Mounted Unit Volunteer of the Year

Lee Pagillo and Marie WhitneyThe following volunteers have accumulated almost 1000 hours of volunteer service as a team within the mounted unit. A little background of the recipients is they both own their horses which do not cost the sheriff’s office or tax payers any money while performing their duties. Each mounted volunteer is individually responsible for horse care and transportation expenses to either training or special events. Part of the horse care is annual veterinarian checkups and keeping the horses well groomed. Both travel great distances to participate at special details & training as members of the mounted unit. Lee and Maria work extremely hard and continually display a high degree of professionalism while assisting with any volunteer opportunities they are tasked with. Both of them are outstanding representatives of the volunteer program and are this year’s Mounted Posse Volunteers of the Year.



Citizen Service Award

Reggie PelletierReggie Pelletier has been a volunteer with the agency since 2013 which include helping out in the Sex offender unit and then later attending the CSU Academy. Reggie is currently a CSU volunteer assisting in District 2 and in 2014 contributed 2,193 hours of service. He is a professional who enjoys interacting with his fellow CSU volunteers and is looked upon as a mentor for the new volunteers who enter the program. Reggie is a team player who has a great sense of humor and is this year’s recipient of the Citizen Service Award.





Bronze Volunteers

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