Welcome to Pasco Sheriff’s Office Online Traffic Complaint Reporting. This service is for traffic complaints only and NOT to be used to request immediate assistance, report traffic crashes or in progress crimes of any type.  For in progress crimes contact 911.  For non-emergency requests, call 1-800-854-2862.

Florida law requires that in most cases a law enforcement officer must witness a traffic violation before a citation can be issued.  Your information is still very important.  The information you provide will be reviewed an analyzed to determine violation patterns, locations, and times or identify repeat violators.  This will aid in the planning and implementation of enforcement efforts by the Traffic Enforcement Section or Patrol Operations District Commanders.

For issues involving for operation and maintenance of all traffic signals, signal systems, flashing beacons, and school flashers contact the Pasco County Traffic Operations Division at 727-847-8139.  For information on obtaining Speed Humps or other roadway issues, contact Pasco County Customer Service at 800-368-2411.

Traffic Complaint Report