Telmate Wireless Tablets

GettingOut provides an easy way for you to communicate with your incarcerated friend or loved one.  Inmates at Pasco County Jail have access to wireless tablets, which means you have more ways to stay connected with them and they have more productive and positive ways to spend their time.

To create your GettingOut account or to log in as an existing member click here.

Friends & Family rates:

Friends and family pay per messages sent or photo uploaded.

  • Messages: $0.25/send
  • Photos: $0.25/upload

How to Deposit Funds:

In order for your inmate to communicate with you using the tablet, they must have funds in their Inmate Account.  To communicate back, you must also have funds in your Friends and Family Account.

Step 1:  Create Your Account

  • Click here to create GettingOut account.  Once you are verified you can make a deposit.

Step 2:  Make A Deposit

  • Deposit funds online or through the mobile app

Step 3:  Start Communicating

  • Once funds have been deposited into both their Inmate Account and your Friends & Family Account, you can start communicating with your inmate.