Sharon Russell

Emergency Management Director

Sharon earned her M.A. in Environmental Policy from American University in 2002, and joined the Coast Guard. Graduating in February 2003 from Officer Candidate School, she moved to Houma, LA and garnered firsthand experience in incident management responding to major incidents such as oil spills, vessel groundings and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

After three years, Sharon left active duty and joined The Response Group. Over 10+ years, Sharon honed her skills in Incident Management and Emergency Response Planning. She earned her qualifications as a Type 2 Planning Section Chief and Type 3 Operations Section Chief, as well as her Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) credential. Recently, Sharon also earned her Project Management Professional certification.

Sharon returned to active duty in 2011 to serve as the U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Security Project Officer for the Republican National Convention in Tampa in 2012. During the 18 months preceding the Convention, Sharon developed the comprehensive maritime security posture and Incident Action Plan that accounted for the physical security of all associated waterways in the Greater Tampa Bay area. The plan was coordinated among 20 different agencies, including Federal, State and local law enforcement in a joint operation to ensure the safety and security of Convention delegates, first responders and the public.

Sharon continues to serve in the Coast Guard Reserves, where she is assigned to the National Military Command Center at the Pentagon.