The Special Investigations Division (previously referred to as Vice & Narcotics) has 53 members comprised of three Undercover Squads, three Active Crime Enforcement Squads (ACE), and the Warrants Unit.  These components support the agency ILP philosophy by utilizing advanced investigative strategies to target criminal organizations and prolific offenders.

The Special Investigations Division (SID) is tasked with initiating and conducting both covert and overt investigations related to violent crimes, gun related crimes, drugs, gangs, burglaries, auto theft, racketeering, terrorism, human trafficking, prostitution and gambling. Detectives assigned to this division are also involved in pharmaceutical diversion cases, synthetic drug identification and enforcement, participation in federal (DEA) and local agency task forces, maintaining sophisticated electronic equipment, gathering intelligence regarding criminal activities, and providing information to agency members and the public.

The three undercover squads are assigned to each of the three districts and focus their advanced investigative efforts on disrupting, displacing, and dismantling drug trafficking organizations.  They participate in the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force (aka HIDTA) and multiple DEA Task Forces and engage in poly drug, money laundering and RICO investigations with the intent of dismantling criminal groups by any means legally necessary.  Because there is a clear nexus between illicit drugs and other serious criminal activity, undercover detectives also utilize covert narcotics tactics to target prolific offenders who are responsible for committing a significant amount of crime in our county. In addition, the UC squads facilitate regular prostitution and reverse prostitution stings and participate in Human Trafficking screening.  Our undercover squads also partner with substance abuse providers to implement the CARE program, which coordinates efforts to engage addicts with substance abuse professionals at the earliest possible stage during encounters with law enforcement.

Currently, there are over 16,000 active Pasco County warrants.  The Warrants Unit prioritizes the apprehension of prolific offenders and other high value targets through an ILP analysis of offenders and crime types.   The Warrants Unit accomplishes their mission through in-depth research, covert and overt tactics, gathering intelligence, relentless pursuit and focusing on offenders who hurt our citizens the most.
The three ACE Units are assigned to each of the three districts and work in conjunction with each District Captain to focus their efforts on prolific offenders, violent crime, gun related crime and Big 4 crime sprees/trends. Members of this unit utilize advanced investigative strategies, to include both covert and overt tactics, to target prolific offenders and reduce violent and Big 4 crime.

There are 52 members assigned to the Special Investigations Division.  The total annual operating budget for SID is $562,778.00.  In 2016, members of SID initiated 1,317 cases, executed 84 search warrants, initiated 84 drug trafficking cases, and arrested 881 subjects.  During this time frame, the unit dismantled 20 clandestine labs, most of which were methamphetamine labs. Members also seized $6.69 million in cash and various illicit drugs totaling $23 million in value.