SAVE Examination Program

Cumulative Total of SAK’s in PSO Custody

SAK’s in Custody, Should Undergo DNA Testing, But Not Sent to Lab. SAK”s Identified Since Previous Reporting Period NOT Previously Counted SAK’s Determined NOT to Undergo DNA/Other Analysis SAK’s Submitted to Lab for DNA/Other Analysis at End of Report Period Cumulative Total SAK’s Tracked for Which DNA/Other Analysis Completed at End of Report Period Cumulative Total SAKs Which Will be Barred Within 12months by Any Applicable Statute(s) of Limitations from Prosecuting a Perpetrator of the Sexual Assault to Which the Sample Relates. The Cumulative Total of SAKs Which the Prosecution of a Perpetrator(s) is Barred by a Statute of Limitations
JAN/FEB  802  0  0  28  11  3 214   263
MAR/APR 804   0  28  18  5  225  275
MAY/JUN 813 1 0 0 8 0 227 279