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The Safety Town Program

Bicycle SafetySafety Town focuses on children in kindergarten through second grade, ages 5 – 8. Public and private schools and children’s groups visit Safety Town throughout the year, for scheduled field trips during the week. The children are taught by volunteers that have been trained by education and safety professionals. Safety topics covered include:

  • Pedestrian, Bicycle and Seat Belt safety
  • Water and Boat safety
  • Fire, Smoke and Electrical safety
  • The right way to call 911
  • Safety around animals and “Stranger Danger”
  • Severe Weather safety
  • Internet and general Household safety
  • Drug safety

The Goal of Safety Town

Boating SafetyThe goal of Safety Town is to reduce accidental injuries and deaths of children through an on-going community-based safety education program. Consider these sobering statistics:

Children are at a higher risk of disability or death through a preventable injury than all childhood diseases combined.

Seventy percent of all fires resulting in the death of a child are started by children. Bicycle and pedestrian accidents are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries to children.

The leading cause of death of young children is drowning. Florida leads the nation with more than twice the national average in drowning.

Cpl. Bullock

Under the direction of Cpl. Tim Bullock, Safety Town is a realistic, child-sized town designed to provide a complete hands-on safety education for children. The town has paved streets, working traffic signals, miniature buildings, and even a railroad crossing, all designed to be as authentic as possible to provide the most exciting, most effective safety training for children available anywhere.

Safety Town is truly a community project. It has been created through the support and cooperation of many businesses, public and private agencies, and civic organizations.

Where is Safety Town?

Pasco Safety Town is located between Hays Road and the Suncoast Expressway, on State Road 52, about eight miles east of U.S. Highway 19.
Our address is 15325 Alric Pottberg Road, Shady Hills, FL, 34610.

Adult Training Facility Available

Adult TrainingSafety Town is also used for meetings and training of adults. Our on-site adult training facility, which resembles a Home Depot store, contains two large classrooms that can easily accommodate up to eighty attendees per classroom. A nominal rental fee is required and inquiries can be made through the Pasco Safety Town coordinator.

Board of Directors

The Safety Town Board of Directors, along with Corporal Tim Bullock, presents Dr. Paula O’Neil with a plaque in recognition of 22 years of outstanding commitment to the Board of Safety Town.

From left to right: Kurt Conover (Vice President), Captain Terrance Edmonson (President), James Campbell (Treasurer), Dr. Paula O’Neil (retired from Board of Directors), Lori Kwiatkowski (Officer), Ruth Reilly (Secretary), Ray Gadd (Officer), Corporal Tim Bullock (Safety Town Coordinator)

We Need Your Help!

Safety Town SignSafety Town cannot operate without the support of people willing to give their time and resources for the safety of our children. Volunteers are always needed to act as guides for the children, perform administrative tasks and assist with maintenance. Donations are always needed to help pay for maintenance, new construction, and on-going costs of operating this facility. For further information, or for scheduling a group field trip, contact:

Pasco Safety Town
15325 Alric Pottberg Road
Shady Hills, FL 34610
(813) 929-1203