In 2008, LoJack® introduced SafetyNet by LoJack™, a service designed to help public safety agencies bring loved ones — who wander – home safely. The service utilizes proven Radio Frequency technology and works directly with law enforcement and other public safety agencies to help rescue individuals with autism, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other similar cognitive conditions who have wandered and become lost. The SafetyNet by LoJack™ service is currently available in 18 states located across the country and it has assisted public safety with many successful rescues since its inception.


Our mission at SafetyNet by LoJack™ is to bring loved ones home safe and sound. The SafetyNet by LoJack™ Service provides law enforcement and public safety agencies with training, equipment and proven technology to help them quickly find and rescue individuals with cognitive conditions such as autism and Alzheimer’s who wander and become lost while enrolled in the SafetyNet by LoJack™ Service.

SafetyNet by LoJack

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office now provides services from SafetyNet by LoJack to assist in search and rescue operations for subjects who have been diagnosed with a cognitive disorder; including Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Autism, and Down syndrome. SafetyNet provides a tracking device to each enrolled member as well as all materials to maintain the device directly to the caregiver or family of the enrolled member. Each device has a 6 month battery life and is completely waterproof. The device can be tracked within 1 mile on the ground and 5 to 7 miles in the air via helicopter. There are 30+ members of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office trained and certified to respond and track SafetyNet members, and we will continue to train members on a regular basis. Cost for the program varies and all information on price can be obtained by calling SafetyNet’s 24/7 Customer Service line at 877-434-6384. If a family is unable to afford part or all of the costs of the program, the PSO may be able to help with obtaining assistance. For more information about SafetyNet or to learn how to apply, please contact Community Service Specialist Emily Holt at 727-815-7119.