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  • The Pasco Alarm Registry was established in 2016 as part of County Ordinance 66-75. The purpose of this ordinance is to reduce the amount of False Alarms that the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office receives. These false alarms result in deputies having less time to handle calls for service (emergency and non-emergency), investigate crimes, provide pro-active patrol, and back up other deputies in emergency situations. False alarms also tie up phone lines and dispatchers in our communications center, thus making it harder for citizens to get through when they call.

    Registration is free and must be done every year by September 1st OR within 30 days of the installation of a new system.

    You can help reduce the number of false alarms by becoming familiar with what causes them and the prevention techniques that can reduce them. We have compiled some tips and resources to show you how.

    The information provided is exempt under public record law.



  • The first step to reducing False Alarms provided by your security system is to identify the causes. Some of these common causes for homeowners and businesses include:

    • Using incorrect keypad codes.
    • Failing to train authorized users.
    • Failure to secure doors and windows once the alarm is turned on.
    • Wandering pets.
    • Re-entering the home just after leaving without disarming the system.
    • Objects hanging by or around motion detectors.
    • Weak system batteries.
    • Faulty equipment.

    False alarms due to faulty equipment or acts of nature are rare. The single largest cause of false alarms is human error, which can be easily prevented. Some techniques to prevent these False Alarms include:

    • Properly train all users (including babysitters, relatives, children, and visitors).
    • Making certain that doors and windows are secure before turning on alarm.
    • Keep the monitoring center aware of any changes in passwords or authorized users.
    • Service and maintain the system, especially the batteries, properly and on a regular schedule.

    These tips can help reduce the chances of your security system producing a False Alarm.

  • The penalty will be as follows:

    Registered system:

    1st violation- warning

    2nd violation- warning

    3rd offense- $50

    4th offense- $100

    5th offense- $200

    6th offense- $400

    7th or more- $500


    Non-registered system:

    1st offense- warning

    2nd offense- $100

    3rd offense- $200

    4th offense- $400

    5th or more- $500

    Registration is free and must be done every year by September 1st OR within 30 days of the installation of a new system.

    Failure to register could result in a warning and increased fines under the fine schedule.


    Click here to view the ordinance.


  • When you have submitted the form click back on the “Registration Form” to see a submission confirmation message.
    This information must be updated within 15 days if any item changes and must be renewed each year by September 1st.

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