Administrative Services Division:

Supervised by the Chief Administrative Officer, This division is comprised of the following:

1) Information Technology Section: Supervised by a Director, this component is responsible for creating and maintaining computer programs, and providing personal computer and AS/400 computer support to agency personnel. Further, this component is responsible for procurement and maintenance of the agency radio communications system.

2) Agency Services Section: Supervised by a Purchasing Manager, this component procures goods and services utilized by the agency to fulfill its mission. It receives, maintains, issues, and accounts for all commodities and uniforms. The courier function is managed here to deliver supplies and correspondence throughout the agency, and delivers correspondence between the Sheriff’s Office and other county government offices. This component also houses the agency print shop, which is responsible for printing and distributing documents, brochures, and related materials throughout the agency. The Fleet and Facilities Maintenance Section is supervised by a Manager, and is responsible for the issuance and maintenance of agency vehicles, and maintenance of an auto parts inventory. This component also serves as a liaison between the agency and the county to coordinate the maintenance and repair of buildings occupied by Sheriff’s Office members.

Professional Standards Unit

The Professional Standards Unit is comprised of one Inspector, one Administrative Secretary, and four Detectives. The unit processes complaints against Pasco Sheriff’s Office employees within the entire county to include the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center.

Once the Professional Standards Unit receives a Statement of Complaint from a citizen or another member, the complaint will be reviewed and forwarded to the subject member’s Bureau Commander to be assigned for an investigation. The Professional Standards Unit handles serious violations that are alleged against a Pasco Sheriff’s Office member.

Minor complaints of misconduct and minor violations of policies and procedures are generally investigated at the district/division level. These types of complaints consist of and are not limited to:
1. Rude/discourteous.
2. Unsatisfied investigations.
3. Grievances about the law or PSO procedures that involve a member.

Major complaints of misconduct will be investigated by the Professional Standards Unit. These types of complaints consist of and are not limited to:
1. Complaints alleging corruption, untruthfulness, violation of civil rights, sexual harassment, and incidents of excessive use of force.
2. Matters that require confidential investigation.
3. Time-consuming investigations that would be impractical to assign within the bureau of command.
4. Incidents involving persons from more than one bureau or command.
5. Complaints alleging violations or non conformance to laws.
6. Incidents involving escape or death or persons in custody.
7. Any administrative investigation at the direction of the Sheriff.
8. Officer involved shootings.

Most complaints will be documented by the supervisor or a Professional Standards investigation that will include a case number.

Complaints can be filed at District I, II, or III, and at the Professional Standards Office. The Statement of Complaint form can be accessed through the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Website under the Professional Standards tab. Pasco Sheriff’s Office employees can access the Statement of Complaint for through the Intranet under forms (PSO 1-0092).

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office Training Section

The Training Section is staffed full time by a Captain, two Sergeants, a Civilian supervisor, nine Corporals, two Civilians and a training and development manager who are responsible for organizing and initiating training for all deputies assigned to the Agency. Training staff have a vast array of experience in many disciplines, to include firearms, vehicle operations, and defensive tactics. One of their primary responsibilities is to stay current on trends, laws and other officer safety issues that affect the law enforcement community and their day to day operations.
Also, within the Training Section, is an Administrator, who manages the Body Work Camera program and ensures all deputies assigned a camera are in compliance with the policies and procedures of the Sheriff’s Office. They also act as the liaison to the public and other shareholders in the criminal justice system ensuring that releasable footage is made available in a timely manner.

Human Resources

At the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, we believe that working together as a team is paramount to our long term success as one of the nation’s top public safety agencies. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office Human Resources Division supports servant leadership within our agency and the community we serve. We have career opportunities for a wide variety of individuals looking to grow their careers. We offer outstanding benefits and comprehensive pay. Our agency affords all members the path for advancement while providing the training you need to succeed.

When it comes to taking care of the people who support, defend and protect our community we make it our mission to insure, supplement, train, reward, plan and contribute to the well being and future of each and every one of our members and their family.

Within the last year we have processed over 1350 applications for Certified and Civilian positions within our agency. This involves background screenings, oral boards, testing, and different process utilized for each unit. Human Resources attend various recruitment activities throughout the State of Florida to insure diversity and inclusiveness. The agency benefits are discussed during the on boarding process.

Our unit plays a big part in overall risk management for auto, marine, aviation, tower, as well as workers compensation, and FMLA. In an effort to maintain our servant leadership culture we participate in employee relations issues, public records requests, public service information, and handle all agency personnel records. Process documents for internal audits, and external audits for grants, and outside agencies as requested.