This week’s “Behind the Badge” highlights Sgt. Theresa Barmann:


You might think you wear a lot of hats, but the PSO’s Corrections Administrator, Sergeant Theresa Barmann wears 12! Or at least that’s how many programs she oversees. Sergeant Barmann has been working for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office for 19 years! She has a lot of passion for law enforcement and she uses it to ensure the Pasco Detention Center is following proper policies and procedures.

“I couldn’t imagine doing something for 19 years and not being passionate about it,” stated Sergeant Barmann. “Like not enjoying what you do. I just couldn’t imagine that.”

The programs Sergeant Barmann oversees are the inmate programs, the inmate chaplain services, commissary, the kitchen, food services, the mailroom, inmate mail, inmate visitation, phone systems and accreditation. She also is the pre-coordinator and FTO Sergeant, which means she manages the field officer training program. One of Sergeant Barmann’s biggest responsibilities is maintaining the jails policies and standards as the Policy Accreditation Manager.

“Oh, it’s very important! I can’t imagine if the position didn’t exist,” Said Sergeant Barmann. “Basically it’s just keeping our policies up, making sure we’re following those standards. Accreditation is voluntary so to me the fact that agencies become accredited is a big deal. It speaks volumes I think to show that we are trying to abide by those standards.”

Prior to working for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, Sergeant Barmann was working for the Pasco County Tax Collector’s Office. She decided to leave in order to pursue her passion for law enforcement and was chosen to be sponsored for the Corrections Academy.

“So 19 years ago to be exact, I’m working at the Tax Collector’s Office and I just didn’t feel like it was satisfying to me,” said Sergeant Barmann. “I needed something else. So I’m flipping through a PHSC catalog, I open the book to corrections, then I just fell in love with it. I just love what I do! It’s been great! I have no complaints. I’ve always loved my job.”

Sergeant Barmann began her career with the PSO as a Housing Deputy and worked her way up to being a Sergeant. These past 2 years Sergeant Barmann has been working as the Corrections Administrator. She notes that the position can be challenging, but she knows how important it is to the agency.

“It’s a great place to work!” Stated Sergeant Barmann, “I know the public does not always see that we’re here for them. I think a lot of times they think we’re against them, but that’s not the case. We’re trying to make the community a safer place. Whether it’s outside in the community or inside the jail because it does affect us all.”

When Sergeant Barmann is not at work she enjoys spending time with her family, going out on her boat, and fishing. Around the time she became the Corrections Administrator Sergeant Barmann also started work on getting her bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from St. Leo University. She also volunteers for the CureSearch walk for cancer every year (like we said a lot of hats!).

Sergeant Barmann’s position at the Sheriff’s Office is essential to maintaining a professional and efficient system at the Detention Center. By managing multiple programs she keeps the jail organized and makes sure that everyone is following the accreditation policies. These policies hold the Sheriff’s Office accountable and help to maintain a safe environment. By overseeing different programs Sergeant Barmann is helping the staff, inmates and citizens of Pasco, which makes her indispensable.

“Those are all things that we work with to make sure it’s running smoothly and that affects the inmates’, that affects their communicating with their family, visiting with their families,” said Sergeant Barmann. “So it all works together!”

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