This week’s Behind the Badge features Patrol Deputy Courtland Harrison.

For those who watch LivePD you will recognize Deputy Harrison from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office LivePD debut. Deputy Harrison has been working with the Sheriff’s Office for 2 years now. He was hired by the PSO and sponsored to go to the academy. “I was lucky enough to get hired by the Sheriff’s Office and they sponsored me to go to the academy,” he said. “It was a great opportunity and I don’t want to go anywhere else. I live in the county and I love it here! I love the people I work for and the people I work around!”

Deputy Harrison always had his sights set on Law Enforcement. He was a part of the PSO Explorer program for 3 ½ years and he worked in Dispatch after high school for almost a year. The knowledge and skills Deputy Harrison received from working in Dispatch helped him as a deputy because he knew the areas and streets that usually have problems. Being a part of the Explorer program was also great way to get involved with law enforcement.

“That was one of the main reasons I got into law enforcement,” stated Deputy Harrison. “They do a ride along program that’s great. You get to see everything up front and you get to be involved in a lot of stuff. It’s awesome!”

When he is not working Deputy Harrison likes to spend time with his girlfriend playing sports and watching scary movies. He noted that they are definitely big outdoors fans. He also enjoys spending time with his two dogs.

For the past couple of weeks Deputy Harrison has been patrolling with LivePD, but Friday October 6 was the first night they went live.

“It’s pretty intense and it is really live!” said Deputy Harrison. “People think there’s a delay. It’s live, I mean there maybe is some 45 second to a minute delay, but it’s live.”

LivePD wasn’t the first time Deputy Harrison went patrolling with a camera crew. 8 months ago he represented the Pasco Sheriff’s Office by featuring on Cops.

As a Patrol Officer he faces new challenges everyday working within the community. It can get intense; however, Deputy Harrison loves his job!

“I try to have a good time!” said Deputy Harrison. “I try to laugh and have fun. Doing this as a job is awesome because you talk to people and being born and raised here I talk to people I know every day.”

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Deputy Harrison!

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