This week’s Behind the Badge features Corporal Steven Walker

Prior to joining the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, Corporal Walker attended Florida A&M University where he studied Criminal Justice and Psychology. He’s a first generation law enforcement officer in his family.

He’s been with the Sheriff’s Office for approximately 5 years. He began his career as a Detention Deputy where he worked in Housing. While in Detention, he made the TACT Team which works in conjunction with the SWAT Team in order to complete high risk missions. In Detention he states that you don’t really have the “Batman utility belt” to rely on, so you learn to use what we as law enforcement officers call “Verbal Judo,” which is diffusing conflicts through just talking. He has talked many people out of fighting others or hurting themselves, so many that you could call him Dr. Phil.

After working in Detention for three years, he was offered the opportunity to transfer to Patrol, where he has been for almost two years now.

Corporal Walker worked to hone his skills as a patrol deputy and was eventually given the chance to use what he learned and pass it on as a Field Training Officer. He enjoys being able to help set a strong foundation for new deputies’ careers and teaching them to do the right thing, especially when no one is watching. Integrity is everything in Law Enforcement, he expresses. He was also fortunate enough to earn a position as a SWAT Operator and most recently has been promoted to Corporal on Patrol in District 1.

He loves his career choice and everything that comes with it. Corporal loves being the person citizens can call on in a time of need and the look of pure relief on their face as his vehicle arrives on scene. This tells him that as an agency we are doing the right thing. He loves the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and what we represent as an agency. In fact, Walker has friends who are LEOs in surrounding agencies and needless to say, playful bragging ensues. Most people he works with will tell you that he is always smiling, joking, or laughing. That’s how he is on and off duty. “You can’t let the job change who you are.”

He’s very family oriented and tries to spend most of his off time with them. No wife or kids currently, but he has plenty of beautiful nieces and energetic nephews to keep him occupied. He’s basically a walking amusement park for them. Plenty of days where he doesn’t go to the gym because he gets his workout from lifting them and wrestling around on the floor. Corporal Walker is also a proud Mama’s Boy. It pays off when he goes to her house and she makes him all the delicious Jamaican cuisine he could ask for. “Love you mom!”

He has five siblings, “I’m the baby of the bunch, but I’m the big little brother!” If he’s not with his family, he is watching or playing football. He is definitely a Bucs fan, all the way. He also plays flag football once in a while in a league or just for fun with friends.
We hope you enjoyed getting to know Corporal Walker!

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