This weeks Behind The Badge features Corporal Adam Gonzalez!

Corporal Adam Gonzalez has been with Pasco Sheriff’s Office for over 10 years. During that time, he has served as a Field Training Officer, K-9 handler, SWAT Team operator, and is currently assigned to the District 3 Training Squad as the FTO Corporal.

Law enforcement runs in the Cpl. Gonzalez’s family! His father, uncles and aunt were all in law enforcement!

“It was something I was always surrounded with and a profession I respected growing up,” stated Corporal Gonzalez. “The choice to get into law enforcement was an easy one because it is something I feel like I was born into and raised in!”
Corporal Gonzalez grew up in the Tampa Bay area. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminology from University of South Florida.

If you’re a big fan of our K9 Unit you may recognize him from his work with K9 Kenobi who retired last February. This past June Corporal Gonzalez also received the Lifesaving Award from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office.

“What I enjoy most about this profession is knowing that the things I do makes a difference for the community and is mostly appreciated by the community,” said Corporal Gonzalez.

In his free time Corporal Gonzalez likes to scout out fun events in the Tampa Bay area, such as concerts and sporting events! He is also a huge beach fan, enjoys cross fit and tries to travel whenever he gets the chance.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Corporal Adam Gonzalez!

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