This week’s Behind The Badge features Citizen Service Unit volunteer Ron Owles!


Ron Owles is one of our proud volunteers with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Citizen Service Unit (CSU). Ron has defined service to his country and community throughout his entire adult life. After enlisting in the United States Army in 1966, Rob began completing various military training courses. The Army quickly recognized that Ron had what it took to be one of the elite Green Berets. After multiple tours in Vietnam and deployments around the world, Ron retired as a Command Sergeant Major with the United States Army Special Operations Command. He didn’t let the dust settle on his service to his country, quickly moving on to his next career at the Department of Defense as an Operations Officer Worldwide, where he spent his next 25 years.

Throughout his military and government careers, Ron was an active instructor in many fields and trained officers from several other agencies, with numerous instructor certifications under his belt. During his career, Ron recognized the need for a company that cleaned and maintained shooting ranges, and soon after started his own company: Ready Range, LLC in 2009. Ron continues to operate this company today alongside his son, Ronnie.

Ron moved to New Port Richey in 2015 and learned of the Citizen Service Unit of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Ron’s lifelong desire was always to be involved with law enforcement, and this was a great opportunity to be involved in his community. After thousands of Airborne jumps, missions that most people play in Call of Duty, and over 40 years of continued service to his country, Ron still answered the call when the PSO needed volunteers.

Ron is a proud husband to his wife and has three grown children, Judy, Kathy, and Ronnie. Judy was also a CSU volunteer at one time and is now a Pasco Sheriff’s Deputy.

Thank you for your continued service, Ron! We are the beneficiary of your commitment to this team. We fight as one.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Ron Owles!

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