Today’s “Get to Know the PSO” takes a look at our Real Time Crime Center

The Real Time Crime Center is a relatively new innovation in Law Enforcement. Historically, an individual would call 911 and get a call taker, the dispatcher would write up the information that is being reported, which is often limited and the only information a deputy has is what the caller provides. However, at the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, the Real Time Crime Center allows analysts to look up past information on addresses, names and tag numbers involved in the current calls—allowing analysts to dig to find information.
“They can find the history at that address and what were results of the calls for service that occurred there,” said Lt. Justin Ross, head of PSO’s Intelligence Led Policing Unit. “Does this person have any warrants or are there any officer safety concerns.”
These bits of safety information are being sent directly to deputies that are dispatched, whereas in the past they would have had to pull over, stop their cars and research the information on their own.
“We also support patrol while they are out on calls by conducting further research and creating documents based upon information they are able to give back to us upon arrival,” said Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Melinda Werner.
Right now the RTCC is staffed with four analysts, but PSO has requested additional staffing for the future. The RTCC operates from 9:00AM to 10:00PM Monday-Friday and 11:00AM-3:00AM on Saturday Sundays and Holidays. If additional staffing becomes possible, PSO hopes to expand to 10 analysts and operate 24/7!
PSO is not the first agency to do this but it will be the first in the Tampa Bay area to use this program!
“The idea is that, the more information we have the safer our deputies are,” said Lt. Ross. “The goal is also to be able to solve these crimes in real time.”
The Real Time Crime Center also benefits the public! For example, if a home has history with an autistic child and deputies know that before they arrive, they can approach a situation differently. Having real time information sent to the public can also help locate missing persons and fleeing subjects in a timelier manner.
There will be more information at the fingertips of the deputies and the Real Time Crime Center will be able to provide them with live investigative support.
The Real Time Crime Center will also create “BOLOs” for subjects. Previously BOLOs would have to wait until the morning, but they are now being published internally and to social media sites immediately.
“There are very few Real Time Crime Centers in the country, let alone the state,” said Werner. “It has been an exciting opportunity to be a pioneer within our agency to create ours over the past year.”

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