Get to Know Your PSO – Tactical Action and Control Team

Public servants work to keep citizens’ safe every day, but who is keeping them safe. The Tactical Action & Control Team (TACT) is a specialty team that protects people inside the jail during a crisis. This is a group made up of law enforcement officers who volunteer for TACT on their own time.

According to Sergeant Timothy Ceresoli TACT’s main goal is to prioritize safety in the jail.

“I’m very interested in officer safety, making sure the staff here’s safe and that was one way we could do that,” said Sergeant Ceresoli. “TACT is more related to inside the jail basically. So if there’s issues inside the jail, since we’re familiar with the place, since we know the ins and outs of it we’ll deal with any kind of internal issues.”

There are 11 members in TACT. They protect people by reducing major disturbances inside the facility that can’t be stopped instantaneously. Along with dissolving high risk situations within the jail they also participate in high risk transports for people they perceive to be a threat. They transport individuals to the courthouse and back, assuring that the inmate does not escape or harm any person.

“I think it’s good to have a specialty team inside the jail that understands the environment, that can respond to an environment if things get out of control,” said Sergeant Ceresoli. “Because reality is not only are we responsible for the safety of the staff members, but we’re also responsible for the safety of the inmates!”

TACT has to handle dangerous and risky situations that put their lives at risk! TACT handles high risk situations safely and quickly before an inmate has the chance to escape. They unite together to help in these situations and create a family bond. This comradery helps to keep themselves and others safe.

“It’s your family away from family,” stated Sergeant Ceresoli. “We jell together because we go into a little bit more of a chaotic situation and knowing the person next to you and knowing their lives and everything is very important!”

In order to become a member of TACT a person needs to be off probation, pass field training, and take a physical, written and oral exam. These are not the only requirement that officers need to get into the specialty team! They look for people who excel in their regular position as well because the members of TACT are very motivated!

After taking the exams, new members will go through a 40 hour training block. During this block they practice land navigation, high risk transports, propelling, shooting, and officer rescue. They continue to train for 8 hours every month after being placed in TACT.

“We’re eager to have members come on board and once you’re done with probation, males, females we don’t care so long as you can fulfill the qualifications!” said Sergeant Ceresoli.

TACTs mission coincides with the mission of the Sheriff’s Office. They prioritize safety and do everything they can to help the citizens of Pasco. This specialty team is a great stepping stone for impacting the future and nature of the bureau!

“The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office is definitely growing and I like the direction,” said Sergeant Ceresoli. “I’ve been here 27 years and the current direction that we have been going in with our administration, our Sheriff Nocco is very pro-deputy, pro-public!”

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