Get to Know Your PSO – Special Operations Administration Division

For this week’s “Get to Know Your PSO” you’ll be learning about our Special Operations Administration!

The Special Operations Administration Division is known as the toolbox of the Sheriff’s Office. It is the home of many crucial Units within the PSO. This division provides support across the agency with their specialty units, such as the K-9, Agricultural, Marine, and Aviation Unit.

“Special Operations in a nutshell we do uniformed support,” stated Captain Tait Sanborn. “We kind of lovingly refer to it as the 3 Fs. If it has fur, floats or flies it belongs to us.”

There 47 people in this division. Along with the 3 Fs, Special Operations Administration houses the Traffic Enforcement Motor and DUI units, the CSU program, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Volunteer programs, SWAT, CERT, Critical Stress Management, Underwater Recovery, Tactical Vehicle Operator program, Swift Water Rescue Response program, and the Honor Guard. These responsibilities are divided between 2 Lieutenants who manage a great team of experts in these fields.

“We do all those things!” Said Captain Sanborn. “So it’s very important. We bring the specialization to the uniform services here in field operations, basically.”

Special Operations Administration brings great tools into the community to help solve problems. According to Captain Sanborn when these “assets of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office” are used wonderful things happen!

“This unit, particularly special operations, has taught me that the Sheriff’s Office is capable of amazing things,” stated Captain Sanborn. “We have a lot of resources that we can bring to bare on any particular problem.”

The Special Operations Administration division provides structure and leadership to the agency when the specialty units are needed. They oversee these units and coordinate with them for critical situations. The members of this division take this responsibility very seriously in order to help the agency and citizens of Pasco.

Everything we do is and should be to the benefit of the citizens of Pasco County…Because the purpose of the Sheriff’s Office is to serve the public so what service do we bring to the public is the service we bring to the Sheriff’s Office. It is really one and the same.

Special Operations Administration does critical incident management for large scale and critical incidents. During these situations Special Operations Administration assist with command in the field. These critical incidents can include large-scale manhunt, natural disasters, and SWAT call outs. There is never an average day for this division and they have to adapt to whatever happens that day.

“When you see commanders out there commanding and you see supervisors out there leading and you see deputies and other agency members doing the jobs that they’ve been trained for, that they are exceptionally good at,” explained Captain Sanborn. “It really gives you confidence that this is a great place to live and work. This is a fantastic place to live and work.”

Critical situations, such as manhunts display the full power of the Special Operations Administration and the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. They bring out anywhere between 50-80 people.

The members set up a command post and then utilize the specialty unit to facilitate surrender. Special Operations Administration provides personal leadership to the units under their division and assist with accomplishing the goal.

“We’re just very, very capable of a lot and I know the Sheriff does a really good job of kind of throwing the doors of the agency open and letting the citizens see, ‘Hey this is your Pasco Sheriff’s Office! This is what we are capable of,'” stated Captain Sanborn. “But it’s also one of those things where you don’t quite fully understand it until you’ve seen the whole process in action.”

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