Get to Know Your PSO – Report Management Unit

This week’s “Get to Know Your PSO” highlights our Report Management Unit:

After a deputy writes a report it is sent to the Report Management Unit. Report Management is the Sheriff’s Office second pair of eyes, working hard to verify the accuracy of all reports and the integrity of all related data. They thoroughly proofread thousands of reports every month for any mistakes and then enter it into a data system!

“We are the last eyes to see the reports and make any corrections as needed,” said Report Management Supervisor Lucy Gidaro. “So it’s very important! As I said after we see it then you know it’s accurate.”

They read every report made by the Sheriff’s Office! This job is beneficial to the Sheriff’s Office and citizens of Pasco because it ensures that all information entered into the software system is accurate and complete. It is insurance for the citizens because Report Management puts the best care into verifying accuracy and completeness in all reports!

“We are responsible for the integrity of each report that comes in through the Sheriff’s Office,” said Gidaro. “We read every report, every supplement. We are the last eyes to see.”

This Unit has been around for around 25 years and currently has 10 members. In addition to reviewing reports and information in their database, Report Management report UCR crime statistics to FDLE twice a year.

The members of this Unit have a positive attitude for their work and get along very well. During their breaks the Unit enjoys sharing stories and going for walks together. They strive to solve challenging problems and are devoted to helping others!

“I enjoy the research involved, as well as testing my skills and learning something new,” stated Report Management Manager Lori Lozzi. “I love when beneficial changes are made!”

They often help citizens who need information on a report. Report Management also works with deputies and detectives by researching reports, providing them with information, and printing reports. Occasionally Report Management will contact deputies and detectives to ask questions on reports.

“We always like to help!” said Gidaro. “Yeah, but it’s fun because I get to help the deputies and I get to work closely with some of them.”

A big part of their job is reading and research. Report Management is trained in state statutes, UCR requirements, and the use of software. Every day the members of this Unit are tested in their knowledge of criminal activity and UCR requirements. After proofreading the reports they send them to the Criminal Records Unit.

“We are a team, stepping in to help each other and any member of the agency,” said Lozzi. “Our unit and the entire agency are supportive of each other in good times and bad.”

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