Get to Know Your PSO – Juvenile Youth Services Specialists

This week’s “Get to Know Your PSO” highlights the courses that our Juvenile Youth Services Specialists have put together!

Our Juvenile Youth Service Specialists have put together four courses to help families who are part of the Youth Diversion Program. The four courses include Bullying, Job Readiness, Life Skills and Getting to Know the Law.

“Youth who have been referred to diversion for a suspected law violation will be required to attend the assigned class/classes as part of their diversion program,” said Youth Services Supervisor, Jaime Hosler.

Soon, youth who have been referred to diversion for a suspected law violation are eligible for the classes. Classes are assigned to youth based upon their individual needs; the needs have been determined through an assessment upon intake into the program.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office served approximately 554 youth during the previous calendar year,” said Hosler. “Not all youth will attend all classes – the classes will be available to every youth in the program, but assignment to the classes will differ depending on each juveniles needs.”

The four topics for the courses were selected based upon the needs and issues that are affecting youth in Pasco County.
Our Youth Diversion Specialists hope to provide youth with skills and tools necessary to assist them in becoming productive members of our community. These skills range from creating resumes, appropriately dealing with others, responding to bullying, or understanding current laws that directly affect them in their everyday lives. The goal is to provide the tools necessary to help get them back on track and reduce the risk of them recidivating—committing crimes again.

“The addition of the four classes will enhance services provided to youth in our diversion program,” said Hosler.

The classes will address needs among the youth by providing prevention and education programs on topics that are highly relevant, needed, and necessary, but were previously not available through the program.

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