Get to Know Your PSO – Detention Center Programs

In this week’s “Get to Know Your PSO” we focus on the Detention Center and some of the programs offered to inmates!

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office recognizes the importance of providing help to inmates who need mental health support. Assistance is available to inmates in jail and upon their release. We offer services for anxiety and depression, assistance for abuse victims and survivors, counseling for effective communication, and special classes designed to meet the needs of our military veterans.

Our detention facility mental health personnel provide a variety of classes which inmates will receive a certificate upon completion. Anxiety Management is a class designed to assist an individual in understanding anxiety, recognizing symptoms, and practicing techniques to manage one’s anxiety. Another class we offer is Finally Free Meditation, which teaches the importance of self-worth as well as breathing and tapping techniques to sooth one’s anxiety.

We also recognize the need for abuse victims and survivors to receive counseling and assistance. Sunrise of Pasco County offers help to females abused by a spouse or another significant person. Trinity Outreach of Tampa Bay offers Emotional Healing, a class that provides the skills and encouragement necessary for letting go of past traumas and learning how to begin the healing process. Healthy Boundaries, also provided by Trinity Outreach of Tampa Bay, is a class that teaches participants how to recognize their own boundaries and how they can have others respect those boundaries.

Close relationships often affect one’s mental health and that is why we offer classes focused on connecting with others. Family Integrity Training is a Christian-based curriculum course focusing on changing thought patterns and enhancing decision-making skills. The curriculum for the class covers the following topics: Parenting 101, Godly Parenting, Insight, Free to Grow, Anger Dynamics, Anger Management, Dating and Marriage, Loss and Grief, and Financial Recovery. Anger Management, provided by Baycare Behavioral Health CHAT outreach program, is a class that provides skills utilized to cope with anger and teaches ways to create a positive thinking pattern. Breakthrough Parenting, also provided by Trinity Outreach of Tampa Bay, is a court-approved class that teaches participants how to become a better parent. In the class, participants understand the relationship between how they were raised and how this affects their parenting skills.

In addition to these programs and classes we also recognize the men and women who have served our country often have specific needs regarding mental health and assistance adjusting to life after their military service. Pasco Sheriff’s Office provides Veteran’s assistance counseling and referral services from St. Vincent de Paul and Boley Center. We offer Warrior’s Bond Classes which is a twelve week program addressing the following topics: Coping Skills, Relationships, Mindfulness Techniques, Psycho education, Seeking Services, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma, Substance Abuse, Avoidance, Suicide Prevention, Empowerment and Mental Health. WestCare Veteran Education Program is specifically designed for military veterans, and promotes awareness of the culture of the military, impacts of deployment on service men and women, and the special needs of military families. The program consists of twelve stand-alone modules, covering topics including resources, mental health, employment and re-entry into civilian society. The classes offered to our inmates include discussions, motivational techniques, developing skill sets, audio therapy, and breathing exercise.

We aim to give inmates access to a variety of resources to help them succeed outside of jail with the goal to prevent re-entry into the criminal justice system. Many of these classes also are approved by the courts and provide certificates of completion. Our detention facility mental health personnel also assist with applications and referrals for post release care, if inmates choose. If you have any questions about these and the other programs and services offered to inmates please call 1-800-854-1862, extension 6302.

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