Fred Landry – Traffic Control Officer

Fred Landry has been with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office as a Traffic Control Officer (TCO) at Wiregrass Elementary for three years. After running into a School Crossing Guard, he picked their mind and decided to apply. He got the job, but after a couple months he “got bored” and went through the training to become a Traffic Control Officer. He also worked as a school bus driver before he decided that was not the job for him.

“I love it, it’s really fun,” said Landry. “The worst part of this job though, are those people on their iPhones: they’re looking down; they don’t see me and they could run me over.”

Landry Served in the coast guard from 59-64.

“I was a seaman to start with. I was in Hawaii for 18 months but I didn’t like it,” said Landry.

He applied for a radio operator position, got it and stayed there until he left. During his time in the service, he was on two separate ships as an operator.

After he got out he became a machine operator in a factory.

“After I was there for a year, I looked at the guys next to me and I was like I don’t think I want to do this for the rest of my life,” said Landry. “So I became a photographer.”

Landry did baby photos, school photos and even started his own wedding business doing photography. He’s always had a passion for it. He wanted to become a photographer’s mate while in the service, but there were only eight in the coast guard. He would have to have been put on a waiting list and wait for one to retire or pass away.

“I love photography,” said Landry. “I did it as a hobby when I was a kid.”

While he was a photographer he met his wife. The two married in 1963, have two children and they have happily lived together for the past 53 years!

“I mean she is awesome. We became friends,” said Landry. “You have to be friends before you can get married and stay that way for this many years.”

He and his wife started travelling the state of Florida in their motor home after he left the factory. They worked for a company where they trained people in Management; he taught the marketing, while his wife did the computer work. They retired from that business together and for two years, Landry did nothing.

“I was talking to my wife and I told her ‘I’ve got to do something, I’m getting bored,’” Landry said.

He road motorcycles his whole life! Recently he realized that he had to ride offensively and defensively to make sure he was safe and nothing would happen to him, and he decided he wasn’t having fun anymore. So he got rid of his motorcycle, but missed it. He now rides his scooter to work every day and in his free time he likes to soup it up!

Landry was also an assistant pastor at Four Square Church. He did music ministry, sound systems, children’s church and led the choir. Through that he was able to write to prison inmates through a group called “Wheels of Grace.” They minister to the prisoners and send them Christian and motorcycle magazines.

“Being a biker, I was able to communicate with them and I would tell them about the Lord,” said Landry.

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