Behind the Badge Highlights STAR Unit member, Deputy Hazime


Over the past two years, you may have run into Deputy Hazime, around Pasco County. Some people struggle with the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up,” but not him.“When I was three years old, my mom bought me a sheriff’s office outfit—a little uniform with a cowboy hat and a gun,” he said. “And ever since then I always loved the idea of being a cop and it never went away.”

Not only has he always had the desire to become a law enforcement member, but also when he was in Middle School at Tarpon Springs Middle School, his SRO influenced him and encouraged him to become a cop in 2007. Recently, Deputy Hazime ran into his old SRO on the job and the two stopped to take a photo (pictured below).

According to Deputy Hazime the best part of being in law enforcement is being able to help people.

“It’s stopping the bad people, from being able to hurt the good people and getting them justice that makes it all worth it, “said Deputy Hazime.

Many may not recognize it, but quite often, deputies see people on their worst days- when loved ones have passed or property is taken from victims. Deputy Hazime finds that putting away people that hurt others and recovering stolen property is a fulfilling part of the job.

Deputy Hazime started as a road patrol but recently earned himself a spot on the Sheriff’s Office District 3 STAR team. He is one of four members on the team that hunt down prolific offenders who are committing big four crimes: burglaries, auto burglaries, vehicle/grand theft and robberies.

Law enforcement is a great profession to be in but Deputy Hazime offers advice to those who think they want to join the force!
“Do a few ride-alongs and make sure it’s something you really want to do,” he said. “It’s not for everybody.”

Outside of work, Deputy Hazime enjoys the outdoors: fishing, shooting, traveling and kayaking. When he feels like staying in, he enjoys playing pool, hanging out with his friends or going to the gym.

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