“Behind the Badge” highlights Mid-level Strategic Analyst, Candace Vreeland

Mid-level Strategic Analyst, Candace Vreeland is a part of our Intelligence led policing unit. Rather than working with detectives to solve cases, she works with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office command staff.

“The Sheriff, Colonel, Captains and Lieutenants will request products to inform their decisions,” said Vreeland. “Usually, they are long term projects, so a historic data pull over many years or if we are projecting staffing in the next ten years, things like that.”

Vreeland works a lot with mass data instead of targeting prolific offenders or working with detectives like our crime analysts. Most days Vreeland is working with Excel, Access and ArcGIS to get her job done. Typically, she pulls data from our record management and will organize the information so that it can be presented in a clean, easy to understand manner.

The Strategic Area Target Response Team boxes, high crime areas, are developed based on the information collected on where crimes are happening around the county. This is just some of the information Vreeland is gathering to help our ILP Unit.

Vreeland started her law enforcement career with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, where she worked as a crime laboratory technician before being moved up to a technologist position in the DNA lab.

“When we reviewed case studies from around the U.S., they mentioned a lot of the crime analysis, “said Vreeland. “Like how there were civilians working with detectives to solve cases and I thought that was really interesting!”

Vreeland currently has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Science and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, so upon graduation she applied for a position with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office.

“I enjoy the work that I do now; it’s very rewarding,” said Vreeland.

According to Vreeland she can see herself continuing in this position for many years, but she is interested in moving into a supervisor role in the future!

Outside of work, Vreeland enjoys spending time with her dog, boyfriend, friends and family! She is also an amateur road cyclist, so you may see her cruising down any of the Florida trails! She has been riding for 5 years! She also enjoys other outdoor activities like paddle boarding and kayaking! As if there isn’t enough going on in her life, Vreeland volunteers for the Bridging Freedom Group— that provides rehab and help to children who are victims of sex trafficking.

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