Behind the Badge Highlights Detective Jay Blume!


Criminal Investigations Detective, Jay Blume has been with PSO for 23 years. Detective Blume’s position entails working on investigations that originate from the jail as well as professional standards investigations.

“People who are in jail don’t necessarily stop doing things that they did on the outside,” said Detective Blume. “Occasionally we have stuff that happens outside the jail because of the people they may be associated with.”

According to Detective Blume, working on investigations can sometimes be difficult because he has to stay organized and prioritized while handling large caseloads with time constraints.
His path to being a detective began 23 years ago when the Sheriff’s Office sponsored him to go to the corrections academy. After graduating from the academy, he worked in the jail for two years, and then got his law enforcement certification.
Before starting law enforcement, Detective Blume grew up on a farm and worked in construction.

“Working in construction allowed me to work with the maintenance crew, and I was also a part of agriculture unit because I grew up on a farm and I know how to care for animals,” said Detective Blume.

Having a diverse background works as an advantage for him because he has experience working in various areas at PSO. He recommends that anyone seeking a career in law enforcement should really consider their options and have a good educational base.

“When working in this field, you need to be able to make sound and educated decisions. It is also important to have a good family life,” said Detective Blume.

At PSO, Detective Blume enjoys working with the prior military vehicles in the Special Vehicle Operations Program. When he gets time out of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family.

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