Behind the Badge – Detective Shane Hughes

This week’s “Behind the Badge” Highlights Detective Shane Hughes:

Child Protective Investigations Detective, Shane Hughes has been with PSO for four years. He started as a road patrol deputy, transferred to a School Resource Officer Position and has now landed in the CPI Unit.

He is assigned cases from the Major Crimes Unit, works with our civilian investigators and each case involves crimes against children.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to help people and put the bad guy in jail,” said Detective Hughes.

Although not every case has a justified ending, Detective Hughes works hard to make sure he doesn’t miss a thing when he goes out to a crime scene.

“I’m the advocate for the children,” said Detective Hughes. “Even if there is no arrest in the end, I’ve done a thorough investigation and should anything ever happen again we have that information. “
In this position, Detective Hughes works very closely with the State Attorney’s Office. Although he enjoys his work, he describes his job as a double-edged sword.

“Some of the crimes I see are especially heinous and having three children of my own is hard,” he said. “I’ve dealt with children that are the same age as mine and they’ve been victimized—seeing that on a day-to-day basis can be hard.”

According to Detective Hughes, law enforcement has rapidly changed since he started. He recommends that anyone seeking a career in the field get an education.

“Education is becoming paramount,” said Detective Hughes. “I would highly stress to people to get a four year Bachelor so they aren’t balancing a fulltime job, going to court and getting a degree.”

Outside of work, Detective Hughes is probably running around with his three children! He participates in Cub Scouts with his son, as an assistant Den Leader. He also attends gymnastic meets and Lacrosse games to watch his children play!

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