Behind the Badge – Deputy Henrici

Today’s “Behind the Badge” highlights District 2 road patrol Deputy Henrici!

Deputy Shannon Henrici started with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office a year and a half ago and it is something she always wanted to do.

“I originally went into the medical field because I was like ‘I’m a girl, I’m small,’” said Deputy Henrici. “Then I decided ‘you know, what?! No, I’m going to do this because I can.’”

According to Deputy Henrici, although it is cliché, helping people is the best part about the job, although it did take her a minute to pick just one part!

“Being able to help people that are going through a hard time and letting them know they aren’t alone and it will get better,” she said. “Reassuring people!”

With all its benefits, the job does come with its hardships.
“Seeing things you can’t unsee,” said Deputy Henrici. “You never know what you’re going to get when you come on the shift.”

The days are never the same. Deputies can log in and see nothing crazy or they can bounce from call-to-call all shift long—so much that sometimes she needs a minute to breathe—but then on to the next.

Day-to-day business is not always glamorous either.
“Paperwork. There’s always a lot of paperwork!”

Deputies cannot get behind on paperwork even when the day is busy. Deputy Henrici has a lot of self-discipline to make sure she stays on top of her reports even when the days get hectic!
To all of those who are interested in getting a career in law enforcement, Deputy Henrici has some advice:

“Make sure your heart is in it,” she said. “It’s a full time job, but it doesn’t go away—even on your time off.”

On days off, she is thinking about the job and even runs into people she has dealt with on the job at the grocery store or when she gets dinner.

She is no crazy cat lady, but Deputy Henrici rescues cats! When she is at home, she likes to hang out with her cats. She is also very into fishing, jet skiing, boating—anything on the water.
She has a degree from Pasco Hernando in Criminal Justice, but is still very passionate about mental health.

“That is one of the most difficult things,” she said. “You are always dealing with the same people and mental health issues.”
She has attended extra training’s including “Crisis Intervention Training” to learn how to interact with the people she comes across that may have mental health issues.

“It taught me how to talk to people,” said Deputy Henrici. “Now instead of spending five minutes with someone and saying ‘they need to be baker acted,’ now you talk to them and try to give them solutions.”

This training is her way of letting the public know that deputies do have training, they can talk to people with mental health issues and to let people know they can come to anyone in law enforcement without feeling as if they need to harm themselves!

Combining her medical experience with her Criminal Justice knowledge has helped Deputy Henrici in her career!

“It doesn’t discriminate, it can happen to anyone,” said Deputy Henrici.

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