Ashley Burch, Criminal Analyst – Real Time Crime Center

Today’s Behind The Badge features Ashley Burch, Criminal Analyst for the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC)!

Ashley has been working for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office for a little over almost 7 years. As a Criminal Analyst she completes research for every call they receive. Ashley looks up the history of the individuals involved with the situation and the location, specifically officer safety information.

The work Ashley is doing with the RTCC has made a huge impact on the Pasco Sheriff’s Office because it is saving patrol officers time and providing crucial information to cases, all in real time. They are also able to use the resources they have to help dispatch. Prior to the RTCC patrol officers had to research the information as they were driving to a call, but now Ashley, with the RTCC is updating the information as soon as the calls are coming in. This helps the deputies focus on driving to the emergency and when they arrive on the scene they know what to anticipate!

“It really is a great tool!” said Ashley, “So they are getting the information in real time and they can actually just focus on driving out to the call as opposed to having to drive and research stuff at the same time, so before they get on scene they already know what to expect!”

Before working with the RTCC Ashley worked in dispatch. She transferred to the Pasco Sheriff Office Teletype Unit and then worked as the Economic Crime secretary for 2 years. She joined the RTCC in March.

Ashley recently became the proud parent of a German Sheppard puppy named Dude! Every day with her new pup is an adventure. Recently he has been losing some of his baby teeth, which of course means a visit from the doggie tooth fairy. Dude has also learned how to open doors! The #9PMRoutine has become a 24/7 routine in her house or he will jump up and open the doors!

“He’s my number one priority!” stated Ashley, “I’m so obsessed with him, but he is equally obsessed with me!”

Ashley and Dude’s next adventure will be a beach day, which has become Dude’s favorite place! This will be fun for both of them because Ashley loves anything water oriented. When she isn’t hanging with Dude, you can find Ashley spending time with her family or friends, watching Friends reruns or satisfying her sweet tooth.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Criminal Analyst Ashley Burch!

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