The Pasco Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to fighting as one to build a more just, peaceful, and flourishing Pasco County, so that every citizen, even the most defenseless, feels safe and protected.


The Seven E’s


We work hard – even when no one is looking because we are committed to making this organization the best it can be. We begin every shift wholly committed to protecting the people that depend upon us. We realize that our job is vital, especially to those who cannot protect themselves.


We are passionate about law enforcement and our community. We are acutely aware that how we perform our duties everyday profoundly impacts all members of our community.


The Pasco Sheriff’s Office is funded by the hard-working taxpayers and businesses of Pasco County. This is something we never forget. Every penny must be spent wisely and only to fulfill our mission. We are committed to using our time in the most productive manner possible utilizing cutting edge technology and techniques.


Results matter, citizens need to be protected. We hold ourselves accountable by always measuring our results in real world, definable terms. We continually grow in our profession through targeted training and education. We will also embrace change that is essential to meet the needs of our agency and citizens.


We hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. This includes behaving with honor, integrity, respect, and fairness toward the public, victims of crimes, and those who are suspects. We say what we do, and do what we say, because we are role models for the next generation.

Esprit de corps

Each member works for the good of the organization. We know working together as a team we can accomplish so much more. Our members are our greatest asset, and our success comes from their tenacity, perseverance, and professionalism.


No matter how small, undesirable or monumental the task, we will always strive to do the best in everything we do.