Legal Affairs Section

The Management Services Bureau oversees certain administrative functions of the agency and is headed by a Chief. The Bureau is comprised of the Legal Affairs Section, the Finance Section, and the Strategic Planning and Budget Section.

Legal Affairs Section - Legal Affairs Section is headed by the General Counsel, who serves as the agency’s Constitutional Policing Advisor and Chief Legal Advisor. The General Counsel oversees the Assistant General Counsel, Staff Attorney, Legal Affairs Coordinator, Contract Administrator, and Records Department. The attorneys in the Legal Section provide guidance and legal expertise to the Sheriff and deputies in the field, and other agency staff, in implementing policy and resolving legal issues. The attorneys also respond to SWAT call-outs and high-liability incidents. The section reviews all agency contracts, agreements, leases, and grant applications. The section also reviews and coordinates responses to public records requests. The attorneys publish legal bulletins to advise agency members on important legal topics and changes in the law, and conduct regular legal trainings for new hires, supervisors, specialty teams, and deputy read-offs. The Legal Section is responsible for maintaining, reviewing and updating agency General Orders and policies to assure compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws. Members of the section participate in collective bargaining meetings for labor union contract negotiations, and handle all actions brought under the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act

Records Unit - The Records Unit is responsible for centrally managing agency records, including assisting and guiding the agency in establishing records management procedures; managing the records storage center; and ensuring the proper disposal of records following approved retention and disposition schedules.

Finance Section - Finance Section is comprised of an elite staff of ten professional financial staff and accountants who are responsible for executing over $105m (including other funds) with fiscal prudence. Its sole focus is to provide first class financial services across the entire agency. The Finance Section is responsible for the financial reporting and management of the daily accounting functions including accounts receivable/payable, cash bonds, grants, inmate accounting, payroll, property records maintenance, and annual physical inventory of assets. The section accomplishes this through retaining a talented staff with focused and disciplined accounting operations in compliance with Florida Statutes.

Strategic Planning & Budget Section - Strategic Planning & Budget Section supports the operations of the Sheriff by preparing, analyzing, and managing the agency’s annual budget, developing, updating and advising on the long term strategic plan, and applying for and managing grant funding opportunities. This section is staffed by a director who oversees all aspects of planning, budgeting, and grant management, including hands on development of the annual budget.

Human Resources - The Pasco Sheriff’s Office Human Resources Division supports servant leadership within our agency and the community we serve. We have career opportunities for a wide variety of individuals looking to grow their careers. We offer outstanding benefits and comprehensive pay. Our agency affords all members the path for advancement while providing the training you need to succeed.

When it comes to taking care of the people who support, defend and protect our community we make it our mission to insure, supplement, train, reward, plan and contribute to the well being and future of each and every one of our members and their family. Within the last year we have processed over 1350 applications for Certified and Civilian positions within our agency. This involves background screenings, oral boards, testing, and different process utilized for each unit. Human Resources attend various recruitment activities throughout the State of Florida to insure diversity and inclusiveness. The agency benefits are discussed during the on boarding process.

Our unit plays a big part in overall risk management for auto, marine, aviation, tower, as well as workers compensation, and FMLA. In an effort to maintain our servant leadership culture we participate in employee relations issues, public records requests, public service information, and handle all agency personnel records. Process documents for internal audits, and external audits for grants, and outside agencies as requested.

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