32 Year Old Cold Case – Wendy Huggy

Wendy Huggy Cold Case 

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February 1982, sixteen year old Wendy Huggy (Freemon) left Cook County Chicago.  She had been living there with Edward F. Freemon, her husband, of six months before leaving to come to Florida.  Wendy was staying with Paula and Sidney Richards, her grandparents    at 1506 Beechwood Drive Holiday Florida.

Sidney Richards reported his granddaughter, Wendy Huggy, missing on 04/15/1982 to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office; Richards reported that he had dropped her off at Patricia Apartments at the corner of Nursery and Belcher Road in Clearwater Florida, to visit a friend, known only as “Kim.”  She was to take a bus to the Countryside Mall and call when she was ready to be picked up. Instead at approximately 6 P.M. Wendy called her grandfather and said he did not need to pick her up, that a friend by the name of “Don” was going to give her a ride, and she would be home at approximately 1100 or 1200 P.M.

On 04/15/1982 the case was reported and investigated as a runaway, case number 82-24404.  When the detective discovered she was married and that she was last known to be in Clearwater, Pinellas County he unfounded the case and had her removed from NCIC/FCIC on  04/30/82.  The detective noted that he notified Pinellas County that Wendy was last seen in their county.  There has been no Police report found for Pinellas County.

On 12/17/1985 the Richards went to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office and explained that they had not heard from the Sheriff’s Office and they still had not seen or heard from Wendy and were now convinced she had met with foul play.  When it was discovered that Wendy’s case had been closed and she had been removed from NCIC/FCIC as a missing person a new case was initiated, under case number 85-124267.  Wendy was then re- entered into NCIC/FCIC as an missing and endangered juvenile.

On 04/05/01 Detective Robert “Bobby” Hamm was searching the FDLE internet website for unidentified bodies and came across a few that he felt were close to that of Wendy Huggy.  Detective Hamm requested Fliers of Wendy Huggy be sent to those Medical Examiner’s to include Manatee.

On 04/10/01 Detective Hamm began working with David Winterhalter of the Manatee Medical Examiner’s Office in reference to remains that had been located in the Gulf of Mexico that resembled those of Wendy Huggy.  It was determined that Doctor Lipton would need to examine the skull to determine if it was Wendy.  Arrangements were made to have her remains exhumed from a pauper’s grave in Tampa Florida.  The remains were not that of Wendy Huggy.   (Later identified as the remains of Amy Hurst 82-69741)

Detective Hamm continued to investigate Wendy’s case until he passed away with cancer in August of 2007.

On 04/01/11 Detective Schoneman took over the case after learning of the association between Amy Hurst and Wendy’s disappearance.  Patty Spragg, Wendy’s aunt, informed Detective Schoneman that , Paula Richards, her mother, had told her  Wendy was two months pregnant when she disappeared.

As of 02/05/14 there are no leads or information that has led us to finding out what happened to Wendy.  Her dental records have been updated and entered into NamUs.  Her DNA has been processed and is on file with the University of Texas.  Detective Schoneman is in contact with Wendy’s last known relatives, Patty Spragg, an aunt, and a half brother, Cash Leverence.  There have been multiple attempts to identify possible remains to that of Wendy with negative results.

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