What to know if a friend or family member is arrested

Intake Procedures/Accounts/Fees

When you or someone you know is arrested, the money with the defendant at the time will be deposited into an account, less a $12.00 subsistence fee to offset some costs of the intake process. The defendant may withdraw from the account to purchase items from commissary, have elective medical / dental treatment. A $3.00 a day subsistence fee begins immediately following the first 24 hours of incarceration. All other property that enters the facility will be itemized and stored until the defendant’s release. Any item of property that can be used as a weapon is not stored at the facility. A property receipt will be given for dangerous items from the arresting officer to the defendant.  Items can be retrieved from the Sheriff’s Office Property/Evidence department after the defendant’s release. To contact the Property/Evidence department: 1-800-854-2862, ext. 4366.
Q. If the arrestee has no money, what are they entitled to get?
A. Arrestee’s are entitled to certain minimum services. They will receive housing, food and required medical care while incarcerated. They will be assessed fees for commodities and services. However, nothing will be denied them for lack of funds in their inmate account. All indigent inmates will immediately receive dental and other health and comfort items and, after 10 days of incarceration, materials with which to communicate with friends and families by mail.

Q. The account has a lot of money in it, can it be released to someone?
A. Yes. However, a $50.00 minimum must be left in the Inmate’s account. This procedure can only be done once.

Q. When released, how does the arrested get money out of their account?
A. All money that enters the detention facility is immediately deposited into an account. Upon release, inmates are provided with a prepaid Mastercard ATM card through Numi Financial.

Phone Privileges/Mail

When someone has been arrested he / she has the right to make reasonable contact with whomever they chose. Collect phone calls are permitted for all persons who have been arrested. The first call is permitted immediately following the intake process. Depending on circumstances, this could potentially take some time. Please be
patient. After that time, phone privileges in the housing areas are permitted from 8:00 am through 11:00 pm excluding inmate count times or emergencies.

Q. Is there ever a time when an arrestee can make a call other than collect?
A. Yes, when they are being released, they are allowed to use a phone, which is free, to contact whomever they choose.

Q. Can they call a friend / family member who is housed in the detention center?
A. No. All calls are outgoing only and must be approved by the detention supervisor. The only method of contact for you would be through the mail. Refer to Inmate Mail Procedures.

Q. How do I set up an account allowing an arrested person to call my cell phone?
A. Contact Inmate Calling Solutions at 1-888-506-8407 to create a prepaid account.

Q. How does an arrested person make a phone call to a phone if there is a block on it to prevent collect calls?
A. The owner of the phone must have the block removed. For blocking and billing issues call: 1-888-506-8407.

Q. If I want my phone to be blocked, what do I do?
A. Call 1-888-506-8407, they will assist you.

Q. What mail can be received by an inmate?
A. Legal material, books from the Publisher, pictures. There are no exceptions without prior approval from the jail administration. Refer to Inmate Mail Procedures.


Q. Are there any special circumstances in which I can visit beyond normal circumstances?
A. Yes. All requests however must be made by the defendant and approved by the shift commander. A special visit may be authorized one time and only for extenuating circumstances.

Bond Amounts/Advisory Hearings

When someone is arrested, bond amounts are determined by a schedule set by judges. Domestic related charges are not entitled to a bond until seen by a judge. If the arrest resulted from an outstanding warrant, the bond amount is set by the judge who signed the warrant. If the person arrested remains in custody long enough, the arrested will attend their first court appearance (Advisory Hearing). Approximately 50 to 60 inmates attend this hearing each day. The hearing can last from two to four hours. During this hearing, the judge may set a new bond amount or leave it the same.

Q. Is the bond amount negotiable?
A. No. Deputies will set the bond amount, based on the order of the judges.

Q. Arrestee was arrested on a domestic related charge and not able to bond out until they see a judge, how long will it take to see the judge?
A. The arrestee will attend the next available advisory hearing. Monday – Friday hearings are at 1:00 pm and on weekends / holidays hearings are 8:30 am. The times can change at the discretion of the assigned judge conducting the hearing. If arrested after 6:00 am Monday – Friday, they will attend the next day’s hearing. If arrested after 5:00 am weekends or holidays, they will attend the next day’s hearing.

Q. Can friends, family, witnesses, or victims attend the hearing?
A. Yes. You should arrive at the courthouse at least 15 minutes prior to the hearing. If you have any further questions regarding the hearings, please call the courthouse or notify the bailiff when you arrive. Phone numbers: New Port Richey (800) 368-2411; Dade City (800) 368-4274.

Release Procedures

Each day, the Release Desk will experience various types of releases. For example, some will bond out with cash while others may use the services of a bondsman. Some may be released because they have served their sentence, been sentenced to probation or released to other counties. There are many other examples of releases and the Sheriff’s Office wants each citizen to understand that every release is equally important to us. We strive to have them completed in a timely manner. Various circumstances cause some releases to require a lengthier process than others. Each release however is processed as it is received.

Q. I don’t know any bondsman, can you recommend one for me?
A. No, the Sheriff’s Office is prohibited, by Florida Statute, from recommending a bondsman. You can find a bondsman listed in the telephone directory and one is posted next to the pay phone located in the lobby.

Q. I paid for a bond through a bondsman a long time ago. Why hasn’t the arrested been released?
A. If you have a question regarding a bond, please contact your bondsman. Many times, we do not receive the bond for several hours. If the bondsman makes an error on the bond, they must make the correction prior to a release taking effect. These are circumstances beyond our control and the Sheriff’s Office is prohibited by Florida statute to change, alter, or correct the documents.

Q. A bond was paid before the arrestee surrendered. What is taking so long?
A. The same as above applies. In addition, if arrestee turns themselves in on a warrant, they will be processed in and released the same as those arrested under other circumstances. If family or friends bring them to the detention facility it is best if they return home rather than wait in the lobby due to the unpredictability of the release times. The defendant will be able to make a free phone call when they are at the release desk to notify you of their impending release.

Q. The arrestee went to court and the judge released them. What is taking so long?
A. When a judge releases someone from custody they will be released as soon as the Sheriff’s Office has been properly notified. The Clerk of the Court must put together the proper documentation to affect the release. The documentation must then be delivered to the Intake/Release unit in Land-O-Lakes. There are only two deliveries of court paperwork each day. The morning court paperwork is delivered at approximately 12:00 pm. The afternoon court paperwork arrives at approximately 5:30 pm. Advisory Hearings paperwork varies in time based on how many defendants attend. Releases are completed as they are received in Booking.

Q. A person was arrested for DUI and has paid the bond. Why have they not been released?
A. State law requires that all persons arrested for DUI / BUI must remain in custody for a minimum of 8 hours from the time of the arrest. You may pay the bond prior to the 8 hours completion, however, they will not be released until 8 hours has elapsed.

Q. What form of payment is accepted for a bond?
A. If you do not use a bonding company, a cashiers check or money order is preferred. You may also use cash, but you must have the exact amount, change can not be provided. Cashiers checks and money orders must be made payable to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office.

Q. Why are there no releases during certain times of the day? When are those times?
A. The Sheriff’s Office must allow for shift changes and inmate counts. During these crucial periods, no releases can take place. These times are from 5:30 am – 6:30 am, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm and 11:30 pm – 12:30 am. Although no one is actually released during these hours, please understand the release desk does continue working to prepare releases.

Q. The arrestee already attended the Advisory Hearing and they still can’t bond out, what happens now?
A. When a person is unable to post a bond, they will be dressed into a uniform and housed with the other inmates, according to their particular classification. Information is available to inmates on the Inmate Rules and Information Posting located in each housing unit.

Q. Are there any warrants outstanding for the arrestee from other counties? How will I find out if there are any?
A. A warrant check is done on every person entering and leaving the facility, if a person is found to have a possible match we will confirm with the originating county if the warrant is valid. Sometimes this process can take several hours, depending on the county we are attempting to contact. If you are awaiting a release, please be patient with this process.