The Pasco Sheriff’s Office contracts with the private company to filter and map our crime and/or incidents so that citizens can see the type of activity being reported in their neighborhood.  You must sign up for the free service in order to view the mapped incidents.

Only “founded” incidents are listed, or ones that are deemed to be factual at the time it was reported.  Further investigation can cause some incidents to be “unfounded” and thus dropped from the map.  You can only view the past 90 days of incidents by using the calendar function on the website. Incidents are updated nightly. This is NOT a comprehensive list of all of our calls for service, but only the most prevalent that affect our quality of life.  Please note:

  • • Only the Pasco Sheriff’s Office’s incidents are listed, not the ones from any of the four city police departments in the county.
  • • We do not list drug-related incidents, which could jeopardize possible undercover operations.
  • • To protect the identity of sexual abuse and child abuse/neglect victims, we do not list these types of incidents.
  • • Just because a crime is listed at a particular location DOES NOT mean that the infraction actually occurred there. For example, a deputy makes a traffic stop and the driver stops his or her vehicle in the parking lot of a church.  That driver is subsequently arrested for possession of drugs.  The deputy has to list the address where he or she made contact with the arrestee, which is the church parking lot.  But no drug infraction actually occurred in the church.

If you would like to anonymously provide a tip in any case listed, click on the specific crime icon that is mapped, and then click on the link “Click Here to Submit Anonymous Tip.”  Then fill in the required information on the form.

If you need a report on any crimes listed, you may request a copy from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Records section.  Applicable fees may apply, in accordance with the Florida Public Records law, F.S. 119.  The Records section can be reached at 1-800-854-2862, extension 6118.  Not all reports may be available due to ongoing investigations.

Please click the following link to go to the Crime website: