he mission of the Program’s Department is to provide inmates with useful skills that can assist them in making positive life changes and a successful reentry into our society. The Program’s Department utilizes community outreach programs and volunteers to offer inmates educational, religious, supportive and recreational services. The Program’s Department also provides legal resource services to qualifying inmates who wish to obtain legal research and information.

The Program’s department, along with the assistance of the Pasco County School Board, provides GED courses and academic counseling services to juveniles and adults. GED courses are offered twice a year and the Inmate Welfare Fund covers the cost of testing for inmates that qualify for this test.

Baycare Community Health offers Anger Management classes, Strong Families classes, Parenting classes and Pregnancy/Post-Partum classes. Many of these classes are court approved and inmates receive certificates of attendance and certificates of completion.

The facility Chaplain seeks to meet the basic spiritual needs of all inmates with the assistance of our local faith based population.  Religious programs provided include prayer sessions, worship, bible studies and religious recovery programs. These programs support and encourage one’s personal growth and development.  Inmates housed in the faith-based housing unit are offered more intense, curriculum-based religious studies.

The Program’s Department strives to form partnerships with many transitional and recovery residences in the community to provide continued care for inmates upon their release. Many of these organizations provide informative programs to the inmate population and applications for acceptance into these facilities can be requested through the program’s department.

Employment services and applications are also available to inmates through local job development programs.

Additional programs currently offered in the facility include substance abuse groups, mental health support groups, domestic violence services and veteran support services.

The Program’s department is always seeking volunteers to assist in the development and execution of programs that command productivity from the inmates during their time of incarceration. Prospective volunteers must complete the application process and undergo a background check. Volunteers do not receive any salary or benefits.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Land O’Lakes Detention Facility, please contact the Program’s Department at 1-800-854-1862, extension 6302 for further information.


Please complete an application and mail to:

Pasco Sheriff’s Office
ATTN: Programs Department
20101 Central Boulevard
Land O’Lakes, FL 34637