30 June 2016

Nomination for SRP of the Year 2016


I have decided that I wanted to recognize Leonard Johns, an SRP at Sunlake High School, for his dedication to the staff and students at Sunlake High School. Leonard assists the school staff with discipline issues, student problems, locker assignments, and parking-related issues.

Leonard handles a job that is best handled by at least 3 other administrative assistants at Sunlake, where the student population is around 1830. Not only does he help the assistant principals with discipline referrals, he defuses potential student fights throughout his busy day, works to build student rapport constantly, monitors the school cafeteria during the hour long lunches, assigns lockers, helps with parking lot rule enforcement, and helps the SRO investigate crime by obtaining intel and relays that information to assist with deterring on-campus crime.

This year, Leonard and I conducted numerous parking lot patrols that resulted in the discovery of vehicles containing narcotics on campus, trespassers, and subjects with warrants. Most recently, Leonard was monitoring the front parking lot, where he observed a female student get into a vehicle driven by a non-student. He was able to recognize the student did not have authorization to leave campus, and her schedule did not permit her departure at the time. He relayed this info to me, along with a description of the departing vehicle. I was able to intercept the vehicle, recovered the skipping student, and ended up arresting the driver for possession of drug paraphernalia. Within the same month, he identified an unrecognized vehicle parked in our student lot, occupied by another non-student during school hours. When contact was made with this subject, my investigation yielded drugs and drug paraphernalia inside his vehicle as well, resulting in his subsequent arrest and trespass from the school property.  Without his additional eyes, it would make my job much more difficult. His outstanding rapport with the students and his knowledge of all current students (along with names, vehicles they drive and to some extent, their schedules) allows us to catch truants, skippers, and people trespassing with much greater ease.

Due to his ability to establish rapport with the students at Sunlake, he has received intel that has led us to the discovery of narcotics, information about burglaries that have occurred off campus, and the defusing of possible off-campus fights that were coordinated while on campus. He has earned the student’s trust through his ability to identify with them and treat them fairly.

Leonard also received minor injuries during a recent incident at the school that required him to singlehandedly break up a fight between two male students. He received injuries the year prior doing the same thing for two female students. None of the students received injuries due to the way he handled the situations. He is an asset to this school, and it is for this reason I felt the need to nominate him for SRP of the year.

Cpl. Richard Stackon – SLHS – SRO


30 June 2016

Outstanding School Administrator Of The Year Nomination

Ric Mellin Principal Land O Lakes High School


Ric_Landolakes  In today’s society, the responsibilities and expectations of school administrators is higher than ever. Schools are graded not only on such traditional factors as student graduation rates and college readiness, but also academic test scores, strength of athletic programs, community participation and volunteerism, and what unique programs the school may offer. Schools are also expected to be a safe and inclusive environment. A school’s Principal impacts each and every one of these categories. Their philosophy, personality, and character will shape a school over time. They must not only know what is best for the school and its students, but must be capable of putting the right people in place and allowing them to succeed in the position they were hired for.

For several years now, Land O Lakes High School has been ranked as one of the best High Schools in the United States by such publications as The Washington Post and Newsweek. It is also the highest rated high school in Pasco County with a graduation rate of 90% and a college readiness score of 44.2. This is a direct reflection of the school’s Principal, Ric Mellin. Under Mr. Mellin’s watch, the school’s highly regarded IB Program has flourished and the school opened a Culinary Art’s Academy which has been met with rave reviews. These programs draw students from throughout the county because of their success and appeal. The school’s athletics program has continued to remain strong under Mr. Mellin’s tenure and he brought in a new coach for the softball team which has led to 2 deep playoff runs in the last three years, including a run to the state finals this year where they placed second in state.

Land O Lakes High School has also been a regular recipient of the Golden School award. This award is given to schools which receive the greatest level of volunteerism from the community. As the face of the school, the principal has a direct impact on community relations and participation.

Mr. Mellin is visible and available to the students and does not shy away from direct involvement in de-escalating critical situations if need be. He is fair and approachable, quick to offer up a joke or the score of last nights game regardless of which sport is in season at the time. At the same time, Mr. Mellin has a high standard of expectations, not only for the school and his staff, but for himself as well. I am certain this benchmark and his resulting leadership has helped shape the current culture of Land O Lakes High School, and by extension, the surrounding community.

For his commitment, contributions, and success as Principal of Land O Lakes High School, I nominate Ric Mellin for Outstanding School Administrator Of The Year.


Corporal Charles Wynn II

SRO, Land O Lakes High School

July 20, 2015

Tax Collector fundraiser supports Sheriff’s K9 Unit

Tax Collector Fundraiser supports Sheriff's K9 Unit









August 26, 2014

Agreement Reached on Law Enforcement Academy

Sheriff presents plaque
Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco presents a plaque to Pasco-Hernando State College President Kathy Johnson and the college’s Board of Trustees Chairman Len Johnson. Also pictured are Captain Stephen Hartnett (right), the new director of the Law Enforcement and Corrections Academy, and Dade City Police Chief Ray Velboom.
Presentation Plaque
Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco presented a plaque to Pasco-Hernando State College President Kathy Johnson and the college’s Board of Trustees Chairman Len Johnson Tuesday night after the school’s board approved the new agreement between the Pasco Sheriff’s Office and PHSC regarding the Law Enforcement and Corrections Academy. Also, Captain Stephen Hartnett was introduced as the new director of the academy, located at the college’s East Campus in Dade City.





















August 29, 2014 – Sheriff Chris Nocco Takes the Plunge!

Sheriff Chris Nocco and members of his SWAT team and command staff participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge on Friday, Aug. 29 at the Administration building in New Port Richey.

According to the Sheriff, “We don’t do the ordinary; we do the extraordinary!”  He was referring to the fiberglass pool that was set up in the back parking lot and then filled with water and 100 bags of ice. The water temperature was a frosty 40 degrees when the group took the plunge.

Included in the challenge was a donation of $500 to the ALS Association. Thank you to Farrel Roofing and Pettit Pools for the support in the setup of the pool!
ALS Ice Challenge