All 911 and non-emergency calls for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office are processed and dispatched by the Pasco County Department of Emergency Services, Consolidated Communications Center.  The Department of Emergency Services is a component under the control of the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners and is led by a Director.  The Director is a Sheriff’s Office Captain who is appointed by the Sheriff and is confirmed by the Board of County Commissioners in a dual position.  The Department of Emergency Services is the third largest public safety agency in Pasco County with 106 employees and  dispatches for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, Pasco County Fire Rescue and the Dade City Police Department. In 2016, the center processed 224,923 emergency 911 calls and 437,513 non-emergency calls for service. 


The Department is divided into three divisions consisting of the Operations Division, Support Services Division and Compliance Division.  Each Division is led by a Manager.  The Operations Division has two managers, one who oversees Law Operations and one who oversees Fire Operations.


Each member agency has a representative who sits on the Consolidated Communications Board (CCB).The Board is responsible for providing feedback on operational policy that affects how their respective agencies are dispatched and are consulted with on determining goals for the Department.