What is Pasco Saying About Its Sheriff’s Office?

Thank you Pasco Sheriff Department from the Gulf Highlands/Palm Terrace Neighborhood Watch Group :

On Monday there was a situation in Gulf Highlands Subdivision. A Suspicious man with no shirt and tattoos all over his body who was walking around the neighborhood and then started running and jumping fences. One of senior in our neighborhood called me and told me that the man was in her backyard. I told her to hang up and call 911  I also told her to give the description of the man to the operator she did and within a few minutes the deputies the canine nine and the helicopter was in Gulf Highlands. On behalf of Gulf Highlands Palm Terrace Neighborhood Watch Group. We want to thank The Pasco Sheriff Department for the quick response and a great job taking the suspect into custody. Can you please pass this on.

Nancy Benitez, Vice President
Gulf Highlands/Palm Terrece Neighborhood Watch Group


Letter from the Sheriff Rambosk, Collier County Sheriff’s Office to Sheriff Chris Nocco:

Sheriff Nocco: A letter the  Pasco Sheriff’s Office: On behalf of the men and women of Collier County Sheriff’s Office. I would like to thank you for your participation and support for our agency members before, during and after Hurricane Irma. The strong support from our Florida Sheriff’s is one we all can be proud of……

~Sheriff Nocco

Letter from Brian Williams to Sheriff Nocco:

Sheriff Nocco: letter from Brian Williams: I cannot completely express what a blessing you and your terrific team has been to us sacrificing yourselves to come here and delve into our misfortune. You and your team took this on as it was your town and worked it relentless passion in a way that gives new life and energy to our deputies. Thank you for being here, we owe each of you a debt for your friendship and brotherhood.

Sgt. Chris Thomas, Cpl. Mathew Stritt, Deputy James McCabe, Justin Mercado, Durriel Aiken, Rollo Mauro, Deputy K9 Mike Senter “Yeaker”, Deputy David Schaub, Tiffany Bronson and Deputy Matt Schell.

~Sheriff Nocco

Letter from the Sheriff to Officer Friendly Jessica Ziegler:

Sheriff Nocco: I am aware that you have been selected by the Central Pasco Chamber of  Commerce as the Hispanic Community Leader of the Year of 2017! Whan an honor to be recognized for suc a significant award. You have truly lived up to your title  as Officer Friendly and I am so proud to have such a dedicated member on the team.

I am excited to have members of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office recognized for their service, performance and dedication, and for exemplifying our motto of “Teamwork, Professionalism & Service.” Thank you for all you do for this agency and the citizens of Florida.

~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Crpl. John Rux,:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a very complimentary letter from Chief Velboom of the Dade City Police Department. Chief Velboom took the time to convey to me his admiration and appreciation for all you did to help the DC PD obtain a new K9 Officer and handler. Chief Velboom advised that you are a great asset to their team, as you made yourself available for any Questions/Concerns that may have during this new transition. You went above and beyond the call of duty, and helped not only the DC PD, but the citizens of this county.

I am excited to have members of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office recognized for their service, performed and dedication, and for exemplifying our motto of “Teamwork, Professionalism & Service”. Thank you for all you do for this agency and the citizens of Pasco County.

~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Major James M. Bradford:

Sheriff Nocco: I would like to take the opportunity to recognize three of your staff members who assisted my division with the promotional process for our Child Protective Investigator Supervisor Position. During the selective process, our deaire was ti maintain a level of of non- bias in the quality assurance review of the candidates work product. WE take our promotional process seriously and sought out your Child Protective Investigations Division as we consider them leaders in the statewide child welfare system.

We contacted Director Ken Killian and asked for assistance with this task. Mr. Killian readily agreed to help. Assistant Director Rebecca Wilkinson-Shields and CPI Supervisor Stephanie McKay completed three separate quality assurance reviews for each of the four candidates in a short period of time. The final product was of top quality and exactly what we needed. I am grateful for your staff’s willingness to provide assistance despite their busy schedules.

I am excited to have members of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office recognized for their service, performed and dedication, and for exemplifying our motto of “Teamwork, Professionalism & Service”. Thank you for all you do for this agency and the citizens of Pasco County.

~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Lt. Kerry Haynes, Transportation Supervisor of the Federal Correction Complex Transportation Department Coleman:

Sheriff Nocco: I have received a very complimentary letter for Lt. StrubeDep.Nixon, Cpl. Peterson, Pilot Calianno, Dep. Monsegur, Dep. Fitts, and Sgt. Formby. Lt. Kerry wanted you to know what an outstanding job you did while assisting them and FHP in their recent prisoner transport incident on I75. While they waited for additional transport vehicles, you along with others help block the road, keep the scene safe for all involved. Lt Hayes, along with the other members of his staff thank you for all your assistance.
~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Steven Dorsey, COO and General Manager of Caliente Club & Resorts:

Sheriff Nocco: Captain Sanborn, Mr. Dorsey received many compliments and the professionalism and dedication from the men and women of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. In particular, he said you are the “personification of a forward thinking proactive, quiiet professional who inspires trust and confidence.” What a remarkable commendation!
~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from L.E. Edwards:

Sheriff Nocco: Deputy Echevarria you have represented the Pasco Sheriffs Office in a very positive way. We received an email from Mr. L.E.Edwards, an African-American gentleman he wanted to commend you for treating him as an equal. Mr. Edwards said that despite his skin color, you treated him with dignity and respect. In a world with so much hate and division, it’s nice to acknowledge those who don’t play into it. Especially when it touched someone else’s life, as it did for Mr. Edwards.
~Sheriff Nocco



Letter to the Sheriff from Deputy Matthew Klosowski, Losco County Sheriff’s Office Tawas City, Michigan:

Sheriff Nocco: Deputy Matthew Klosowski recently did a ride along with the agency and was impressed with the team. He was fortunate enough to go on a  call with  Cpl Liddick and Ace. Deputy Klosowski advised you were personable and efficient at you job. Deputy Klosowski commend you for a job  well done.
~Sheriff Nocco



Letter to the Sheriff from Deputy Matthew Klosowski, Losco County Sheriff’s Office Tawas City, Michigan:

Sheriff Nocco: Deputy Matthew Klosowski recently did a ride along with the agency and was impressed with the team. He advised that Deputy Auch was professional , patient and a true asset to the agency. His letter states he is grateful to you and this experience had a big impact on him. Deputy Klosowski commend you for a job  well done.
~Sheriff Nocco



Letter to the Sheriff from Deputy Matthew Klosowski, Losco County Sheriff’s Office Tawas City, Michigan:

Sheriff Nocco: Deputy Matthew Klosowski recently did a ride along with the agency and was impressed with the team. He advised that Sgt. Stephen Titus was a wealth of knowledge, very personable and made him feel welcome. He was impressed with the teamwork displayed between you, Depty Auch, Cpl Liddick and Ace. Deputy Klosowski commend you for a job  well done.
~Sheriff Nocco



Letter to the Sheriff from Mr. Tom Dobies, Dobies Funeral Home:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Mr. Thomas Dobies, for Dep, Howard. Mr. Dobies was impressed with your professionalism and concern while you assisted him and his staff recently. Thank you for all you do for this agency and the citizens of Pasco County.
~Sheriff Nocco



Letter to the Sheriff from Steve Casey, Executive Director, Florida Sheriff’s Association:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Steve Casey, Executive Director, Florida Sheriff’s Association, He said he would like to thank Captain Eric Seltzer and Major Jeffery Peake who presented training on “Establishing and Managing Cold Case Units” at the September 7th Florida Sheriff’s Associations Cold Case Advisory Commission and helped make the seminar a success.
~Sheriff Nocco



Letter to the Sheriff from Sheriff Al Nienhuis of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Sheriff Al Nienhuis, He advised that he was impressed with Lt. Frick, Sgt. Lindsey, Sgt. Shoup, Sgt. Rosa, Det. Cougill, Det. Koenig, Det. Wood, Det. Berberich, Cpl. Liddick and K9 Ace, Deputy Baltzer and K9 Eargon, Deputy Bingham and K9 Benco, Deputy Smith, Deputy Ammiano, Deputy, Spicuglia, Deputy, Duncan, Deputy Hazime, Deputy Lugo-Felix, Deputy Senter, Deputy Barr, Forensic Investigator Sweat-ciani, Det. Gutierrez while you were assisting his agency in locating and arresting a homicide suspect that made their way into Pasco County. Sheriff Nienhuis advised that the PSO was quick to recover the victim’s vehicle, secure the scene execute a search warrant and help with collection of evidence. He commended you and your team and said you “set the benchmark of professionalism.”
~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Mr. Tom Dobies, Dobies Funeral Home:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Mr. Tom Dobies, He advised that Cpl. Denbo, Dpt. Bishopand Dep. Dunn were very helpful to his staff and very compassionate to the decedent’s family. Mr Dobies believes that when a deputy does a good job for the community that they should personally be thanked for a job well done.
~Sheriff Nocco


Sheriff Nocco: Cpl. Williams, Cpl. Leos, Cpl. Mills, Cpl. Wynn, Cpl. Harris, Cpl. Curtis I am aware of your contribution to the “Get to know your SRO” Thank you for stepping up and participating in such a special and informative program for our citizens. I believe it is important for the community to see the real members of this agency, to better understand our goals for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Again, thank you for taking the time to share who you really are.
~Sheriff Nocco

Sheriff Nocco: Lt. Wetherington, Kenneth Mizerek, John Bushell, Margaret Bushell, Jeff Grey, Holly Taylor, Dave Hillman, Vincent Malgioglio, Michael Toczylowski, Dep. Arroyo I am aware of your contribution to the “Behind the Badge” Thank you for stepping up and participating in such a special and informative program for our citizens. I believe it is important for the community to see the real members of this agency, to better understand our goals for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Again, thank you for taking the time to share who you really are.
~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Stefanie Flohr, member of the Leadership Tampa Bay, Class of 2016:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Ms. Flohr for Depty Jeanie Spicuglia. Ms. Flohr recently did a ride-along in Trinty with Deputy Spicuglia. She wrote that she was grateful and the experience had a big impact on her commending you for a job well done.
~Sheriff Nocco


Letter to the Sheriff from Ms. Patty Same, Director of the Tampa Chapter of Credit Unions:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Ms. Same for Sgt. Hatcher, Det. Toner, Det. Smith, Det. Koenig, Det. Meizo, Det. Dacey, Sgt. Morton, Det. Mulder, Analyst Koenig. You recently presented at the Robbery and Personal Awareness Seminar to the staff of the credit unions of Pasco County. The information you presented had a positive impact on them. knowledge learned will help the attendees in both their professional and private lives.
~Sheriff Nocco


Letter to the Sheriff from Sgt. Giuseppe Cucchiara:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Sgt. Giuseppe Cucchiara for CSU’s Ron Wiedler, Sr., John Simmons, Joseph Garrity, Dennis Ciszeski, Timothy Huff, Peter Dodig, Hugh Townsend, Ronald Owles, George Geier, Charles DiVita who was very impressed with the support you showed when he was in need of assistance at the US 41 road closure. You were there on short notice, despite poor weather conditions. It means a lot to this office that we have so much support of our CSU’s.Thank you for all you do for the agency and the citizens of Pasco County.
~Sheriff Nocco


Letter to the Sheriff from Sgt. Giuseppe Cucchiara:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Sgt. Giuseppe Cucchiara for CSU’s Ron Wiedler, Sr., John Simmons, Joseph Garrity, Dennis Ciszeski, Timothy Huff, Peter Dodig, Hugh Townsend, Ronald Owles, George Geier, Charles DiVita who was very impressed with the support you showed when he was in need of assistance at the US 41 road closure. You were there on short notice, despite poor weather conditions. It means a lot to this office that we have so much support of our CSU’s.Thank you for all you do for the agency and the citizens of Pasco County.
~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Pastor Jerry via his assistant Karen:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Pastor Jerry via his assistant Karen for Cpl. Baca and Sgt. Dill. They wanted to commend you for being for friendly and hospitable during their backpack weekend. The stated you were the “best officers ever” and that the event was “greatly enhanced by your participation.
~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Andrew Sekela, Supervisory Special Agent:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Agent Sekela complimenting Dep. Sentner and Dep. Walker provided valuable assistance to the FBI during the execution of an arrest warrant. You were instrumental in establishing perimeter security for the property while the agents arrest the homeowner. Your assistance helped prevent a situation that could have escalated into a hostile environment.
~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Mr. A.C. Bryant, citizen of Lexington Oaks :

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Mr Bryant complimenting Cpl. Kempink and Dep. Steele, Mr. Bryant advised that you assisted him locating a friend he was unable to reach. He explained that you were there on an off-duty assignment and were eager to help and were “top notch” and Mr. Bryany appreciated your dedication and professionalism.
~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from the homeowners in Briar Oaks via Mary Edmonds of the Neighborhood Watch:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Ms. Edmonds for Dep. Buzzetto. She advised that dispite the heat and crowd you were very informative and amusing. The homeowners left with a better attitude on being proactive and all had very nice things to say out you.
~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Zephyrhills Police Dept’s Chief of Police, Davd Shears:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Chief Shears thanking Capt. Hartnett for your patience, professionalism and experience as a Firearms instructor which provided invaluable assistance to the Zephyrhills police dept. He commends you on a job well done.
~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Investigator Andrew Cobb, of OALE Bureau of Criminal Investigations:

Sheriff Nocco: I received a complimentary letter from Investigator Cobb, he thanks Sgt. Morton, Capt Seltzer, Det. Cardillo, Det. Croker, Det. Chen, Det. Hill, Det. Mulder, Det. Rozankowski, and Det. Souto for your assistance during a countywide skimmer sweep. The operation was a huge sucess, because of all of you citizens information will stay our of the hands of criminals. Investigator thanks you for a job well done.
~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Sheriff Al Nienhuis of Hernando County Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff Nocco: Sheriff Al Nienhuis sent a complimentary letter for Det. Boyer, Sgt Quinlan, and Maj. Peake he was so impresses with all of you while assisting his agency in locating and arresting homicide suspects that fled to Pasco County. The assistance they provided was “flawlessly executed” setting the benchmark for professionalism.

~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Sheriff Al Nienhuis of Hernando County Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff Nocco: Sheriff Al Nienhuis sent a complimentary letter for Det. Boyer, Sgt Quinlan, and Maj. Peake he was so impresses with all of you while assisting his agency in locating and arresting homicide suspects that fled to Pasco County. The assistance they provided was “flawlessly executed” setting the benchmark for professionalism.

~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Mr. Kerry Cushing:

Sheriff Nocco: Mr. Cushing sent a complimentary thanking Dep. Garmon, Cpl. Virgilis and Travis Vail for their compassion and helpfulness during their investigation.You exceeded his expectations and he was grateful for the professionalism and kindness.

~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Director Rob Marin, Pasco County Utilities Operations and Maintenance Dept.:

Sheriff Nocco: Rob Marin wanted to convey his appreciation for all the assistance that Cpl. Arthur Madden, CSU George Geier, CSU Ronald Owles, Cpl. Annamarie Hernandez provided July 19, when his team was working on a gravity line blockage and sewage spill. Thanking the deputies making the area of Little Rd. and Government Dr. a “safe work zone,” which resulted in no major accidents or injuries to the public, the work crew or PSO. Director Marin thanks them for their support and a job well done.

~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Mathew Eberius director of Parks and Recreation at Trinit’s Starkey Ranch:

Sheriff Nocco: Mr Eberius advised me that Cpl. Christopher Davila while at Starkey Ranch on extra duty was very professional and helpful. He said that you went the extra mile and helped answer some community questions which was much appreciated by the director, as well as the citizens.

~Sheriff Nocco

Email to the Sheriff from Ms. Mary DiFlavis:

Sheriff Nocco: Ms. DiFlavis advised how much she appreciated all the support given to her son while incarcerated. Capt. Rachel Williamson helped guide him into doing something productive with his time, leading him to joining the welding program. Capt. Williamson also went so far as to personally see that her son got the proper medical attention he needed, keeping her informed of his welfare.

~Sheriff Nocco

Email to the Sheriff from Mary Anne Efmonds:

Sheriff Nocco: Just a note to extend my most sincere THANKS and the thanks of the homeowners in Briar Oaks, who attended our FIRST Neighborhood Watch meeting. I cannot say enough about Deputy Ron Buzzetto. Despite the HEAT, on a pool patio with 47 attendees, Deputy Buzzetto was very professional, informative and amusing. I am sure everyone went home with a better attitude about being proactive in keeping an eye on the community! All I heard were positive remarks about Deputy Buzzetto! Thank you so much for helping us to initiate our Neighborhood Watch Program! Kudos to Deputy Buzzetto for a JOB WELL DONE!!

Email to the Sheriff from Mathew Eberius:

Click here to read letter!

Email to the Sheriff from Steve Georgas:

On August 17th, his father informed him that he had not spoken to his elderly brother in over a week and was worried about his brother’s well being. Mr. Georgas called the Pasco Sheriff’s Office for a well being check and states everyone he dealt with was outstanding. Within 15 minutes, he received a call back from Deputy Cook who reassured him that everything was fine then went above and beyond by checking his Uncle’s phone to determine why he was unable to receive or make a call. He is very grateful for all who were involved.

I am excited to have members of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office recognized for their service, performance and dedication, and for exemplifying our motto of “Teamwork, Professionalism & Service.” Thank you for all you do for this agency and the citizens of Pasco County.

~Sheriff Nocco

Phone Call to the Sheriff from David Holmquist and Kimberly Rankin:

We have responded to their calls a couple of times and they wanted me to know how professional and patient we are. They stated it began with an unruly roommate and ever since we continue to check in on them to make sure everything is okay. Ms. Rankin believes we were “sent by God” to help them with their issue and she thanks us for a job well done.

We are excited to have members of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office recognized for their service, performance, and dedication, and for exemplifying our motto of “Teamwork, Professionalism & Service.” Thank you for all you do for this agency and the citizens of Pasco County.

~Sheriff Nocco

Letter to the Sheriff from Barbara Carter:

Ms. Carter commended Cpl. Brian Hernandez, SRO, for doing such a wonderful job with the children at the Backpack Give Away at the New Lakes Regency Civic Association. She stated he greeted each child, gave them a star and spent a little time with each one asking their name and conversing with them. Ms. Carter stated he constantly worked the room spreading encouragement and joy by making a good impression on the children and adults alike.

Thank you for all you do for this agency and the citizens of Pasco County.

~Sheriff Nocco

Email to the Sheriff from Nicole Reynolds, Northwest Elementary:

Ms. Reynolds thanked Deputy Frederick Heidgerken of District I for his assistance and support when they had a discipline issue. He was professional, kind to the students he spoke to, and polite to the families involved. She appreciated the support he gave to the school during that time. Ms. Reynolds thanked Deputy Heidgerken for a job well done.

I am excited to have members of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office recognized for their service, performance, and dedication, and for exemplifying our motto of “Teamwork, Professionalism & Service.” Thank you for all you do for this agency and the citizens of Pasco County.

~Sheriff Nocco

Subject: Thanks!

I went on a ride along with Sgt. Leon on Saturday, 02 November 2013. In the 8 hours that I was patrolling with Sgt. Leon, I learned a lot about the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department, and their responsibilities and duties. Sgt. Leon is very professional, knowledgeable, and takes his job very seriously. I witnessed him and his team effectively converse with each other, and seemed to work very well together. Although I was required to do a ride along as a class requirement, Sgt. Leon’s testimony and work ethics encouraged me to look further into becoming a law enforcement officer. Even further, Sgt. Leon was very attentive, organized, and actively concerned about the well-being of his team as well as the community. It is nice to know that my family and I can rely on someone with such professionalism and compassion to help keep our community safe. Big thanks to Sgt. Leon!

LaTia Barber

Subject: Thanks!

Dear Sheriff Norco,

I am the assistant secretary of Buena Vista Adventure. Our park is about 1000 residences, 1/2 houses and 1/2 trailers, on either side of Bonita Rd. For many months, I was calling your office regularly because of streetwalkers in our park. For the past 2 or so, you haven’t gotten any calls from me on this. It’s not because I’ve stopped paying attention — it’s because they haven’t been here. Instead, I’ve seen your deputies here in force.

Thank you and your deputies for your diligence in cleaning up this park. Keep up the good work.


Jerry Collette

Subject: Thanks!

I just wanted to say thank you to Sergeant C. Cabbage for the outstanding work that he performed to pursue the man that vandalized my car in a public parking lot in New Port Richey. I was very pleased with the response time of the call as well as the search that was performed after the report was made. I am happy that I had great help from you as well as following up with me shortly after to let me know the situation after you made contact with the man.

Thanks again for all your help!


Kristen Wolff

Subject: Sheriff’s Drug Fighting SUV!

I wanted to contact the sheriff to notify him that I really like the two sheriff vehicles that the sheriffs have created. I was given permission from an officer a while ago to take photos of the car. I submitted a photo to a world wide photography site called ViewBug and a “city life” contest came up. I thought the car would fit the contest so I submitted the entry. I just got notification from the company that it is currently ranked in the upper 30% on voting.

I am attaching a copy of the photo and vote button and hoping to increase votes through you since I do not have a large “email/facebook kind of network” to request more votes. link: http://www.viewbug.com/contests/city-life-photo-contest-by-animoto/2106504

If you are able to please let the sheriff and his staff aware of this and my hope for votes from them and others they may know to do the same.
I was very proud of our sheriff’s dept when I saw this car and I love the way they designed it.
thank you very much.

Subject: Rapid Responses

I would just like to thank you for your rapid responses. I’ve had to call 911 twice this week and both times your response came in less than five minutes. I called an hour ago, around 2:30 am 9-15-13, reporting a trespasser. The officer responding was here in about three minutes and very diligent.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your performance. It is a striking and positive contrast to what I left behind in Michigan several years ago, where a 911 call sometime got response the next day.

Thank you for being there every time needed.


Dallas L. Keffer

Subject: Thanks!

Sheriff Nocco,

I would like to thank three members of your agency who assisted with a welfare check of my wife and daughter. On 8/14/13 I was working as a Pinellas County firefighter and received a phone call from my home at 345 am. No one was on the line and several attempts to call the home using other lines were unanswered. Being an hour away, I contacted your dispatch center and requested a welfare check. The response by your deputies was immediate and it was determined my daughter had rolled over in her sleep and hit the “last call” button.

I would like to thank Dispatcher Daugherty, Deputy Williamson, and Deputy Towne for their help.

Thank You,

Len Melanson

Subject: Thanks!

Sheriff Nocco,

I would like to thank Deputy S. Meeks for the traffic enforcement in our neighborhood. Deputy S. Meeks has done an excellent job reducing the stop sign and speeding violations in our subdivision.

Thank you

Len Melanson
Rosewood Subdivision

Subject: Thanks!

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Deputy Dean Welshans. We were stranded on the side of 52 Saturday after the tire blew out on our boat trailer. Deputy Welshans kindly stopped and loaned us his jack so that we could get the tire changed. He was friendly and professional and we really appreciated his assistance. Thank You.

Jessica Jones

Subject: Thanks!

Good Afternoon –

I wanted to write a thank you letter to 2 Deputies in the Trinity Division for assisting me on Saturday, July 27 around 7pm. Unfortunately I misplaced his business card but wanted to at least try because they were so helpful.

Earlier that Saturday my black lab, Charlie, got loose and had been running through the woods. We had been searching for him for several hours when I received a call that he had been located on SR 54 and Mitchell. The Deputy had spotted my dog running along the road and stopped to help him, when Charlie decided to jump into the Patrol car. That’s when he called to let me know he had found my dog, and he and another Deputy would wait there for me to come pick him up.

That day could have ended much differently and I cannot express how grateful I am that it ended well. I realize that it is a dog, but this dog is my family and it truly made my world that the Deputies had stopped to help him. I know it’s always easier, and probably more frequent, to focus on the negative, and complain about what goes wrong, so I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU. Seeing these 2 Deputies care about something like this, restored my faith, and truly touched my heart. I am so so so thankful for their help, and commend Pasco County for hiring such thoughtful people. I tried calling the Records Department so that I could mention the Deputies by name, but we weren’t able to find them. If you are able to pinpoint the names of the 2 Officers, I would like to personally say thank you, and make sure they were recognized.

Thank you for all you do, and for keeping our families (even the members with 4 legs) safe and happy.


Kathryn King

Subject: Thanks!

I would like to thank the ladies who answer the phones and pass along info. I would like to thank the following Deputies for providing professional, compassionate and timely assistance in locating a dear ill lifetime friend of mine. Without their assistance I would still be worrying and having no idea of how to locate her. It required several trips to different locations and contacting another law enforcement agency but they encouraged me to contact them repeatedly if necessary.Thank You Deputy Jordan and Deputy Orgam for your efforts and positive results. Because of u I have had the burden of worry lifted from my shoulders.



Subject: Thanks!

We are writing to recognize outstanding service by an officer or officers whom we have never spoken with or met.

On 7/30/2013 at around 8:10 pm, my husband and I received calls from our home security monitoring system informing us that the garage door had opened at 8:08 pm. We had closed and locked all doors prior to leaving.

We immediately accessed a remote surveillance camera showing the inside of the home. From that, we observed a Pasco Sheriff cruiser pull up in front of the house. An officer then approached the front door and later, shined a flash light into the living room, checking, what appeared to be, every inch of the room, top to bottom. We could see the home illuminated by flashlight as the officer circled the home and yard. We were impressed at how thorough the check of the home appeared to be. The officer clearly dedicated ample time on a rainy night to ensure the security of our home.

We would like to thank the responding officer(s) for outstanding public service.

We would also like to thank everyone at the Pasco County Sheriff’s department for consistently demonstrating high professional standards.

Thank you so much,

Richard and Jeanie

Subject: Thanks!

I just want to thank you for responding so quickly for a noise complaint early this morning. I also would like to thank you for your kindness by both deputies, one at the call center and the deputy that came out to respond. They were both very respectful and friendly, thank you very much. :] Thank you for all your hard work to protect us.


Subject: Thanks!

That was a great presence in Zephyrhills yesterday.

It was a much needed show of force in an area that seems to be lawless most of the time.

I hope you were able to make a lot of arrests and that this is something that can happen more often in the near future, so that these criminals and pill pushers will move on to another county or rot in jail.

Thank you,

Michael Mira
Rotary Club of Zephyrhills
ShelterBox USA

Subject: Town Hall Meeting


On Monday evening I atteded the Town Hall meeting at Holiday Lakes. I must tell you I was truly impressed with the professionalism and appearance of you and your entire staff. You sound like you hsve an achieveable plan and are commited to it. I am truly glad I voted for you.


Dick Smith

Subject: Compliment

I would like to take a moment to compliment two of your Deputies. Corporal Housel, and his trainee, Deputy Bowen, responded to my home to investigate a theft. The tailgate was stolen from my truck. Both Deputies expressed genuine concern over the crime, and conducted themselves in a professional manner. They conducted a thorough investigation, and were able to lift a latent print from the rear of my truck. These Deputies projected an outstanding image for the Pasco

Sheriffs Office.

William Barrus

Subject: Safety Town

I recently took my class of Kindergarteners to Safety Town. I was very impressed with the professionalism of everyone involved. The presentation by Mr. John and Miss Elizabeth was excellent and very appropriate for 5 year olds. The safety house was an excellent addition to the trip and my kids learned so much!!

Thanks for doing this for the kids of Pasco County,

Tina St.Pierre
Kindergarten teacher
Longleaf Elementary

Subject: Thank You!

Yesterday, I had invited Deputy Bullock and Corporal Gardner to present their “choices” program to the youth at the Rap House. I am the assistant director and I had seen this presentation two times at various meetings. This time it was totally different in that I sat with youth while they saw the inmate interviews and the pictures of the facility and the pictures of the check- in process. This was extremely valuable for the youth. The youth were exceptional listeners and asked good questions which is because of the great information they received from these two officers. Seeing this with a room full of adults does not at all do justice to their presentation. Seeing it with a room full of at-risk youth was very powerful.

Thank you,Sheriff Nocco for your support of this experience. My hope is that this will be viewed by many youthful audiences to raise their thinking and awareness of choices. The officers were knowledgeable, kind and respectful. In fact they represented the Sheriff’s office in a highly effective manner…GOOD WORK!

L.Copple,Assistant Director, RAP House, Youth and Family Alternatives.

Subject: Thanks for addressing citizen concerns!

On October 2012, I made contact with the sheriffs office reference a legitimate concern about a resident in Holiday, who was making what appeared to be narcotic transactions out in the open. Naturally there was excessive vehicle and foot traffic to his home and often times, vehicles would travel at a high rate of speed on the very street our children play and ride their bikes on.

Today, on my way to work I saw multiple members of the Sheriff’s office at the home in question and felt a huge sense of relief. I write today as a citizen who feels he has a voice in a community that many feel is a “lost cause”. I would like to thank Sherriff Nocco and the men and women involved on this case for their hard work, dedication and for protecting those of us who felt victimized. Keep up the great work, God Bless, be safe and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Subject: Thank you for your help!

Thank you very much for helping my daughter, my grandson and I when my van broke down in front of the Medical Center of Trinity on Saturday April 6th. I actually didn’t find out that it was you until this morning. My daughter told me that you looked familiar to her and that your shirt had your name on it, so she Googled your image and verified that it was indeed you. I was so focused on getting out of the busy intersection, that I didn’t take notice. It is nice to know that with all of the issues that you and your agency have to deal with on a daily basis, you manage to take time to assist average citizens when the everyday inconveniences of modern day life put them in harm’s way. Thanks to you and the other officer that helped us, I was able to get my vehicle home safely and after a simple repair, we are back on the road!

Thank you for all that you and the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office do for our community.


Laura J. Burns

Subject: Thanks!

I met Deputy Darren Hill today when he was investigating vandalism in “The Oaks” subdivision. We were a victim ourselves but I didn’t call because I felt it didn’t warrant the attention of your officers who had to have something more important to do than drive out to look at our “art”. I enjoyed talking to him and he told me that your office patrols the subdivisions over here and that was something I wasn’t aware of. He was great and the truth is I feel much better now that I know we have eyes on the ground. On behalf of our family, we appreciate the job you do.


Linda Ammons

Subject: Thanks!

i would like to thank corporal p.downey for his presence and positive attitude in my neighborhood.my concerns for public safety were addressed.since his presence and proactive approach here, the problems have ceased. thank you corporal downey. joanne

Subject: Thanks!

I am a manager at one of the shops at Wiregrass Mall. I was able to participate yesterday in the “active shooter” SWAT training at Wiregrass Mall. I really appreciate both our mall management and the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department for allowing us to participate. I have worked in several malls both in Florida and Texas and have to say that we have the best security team. I feel very safe and love the fact that we have the Sheriff’s department on site. I love seeing Sheriff’s department cars in our parking garage.

I just want everyone in the Pasco Country Sheriff’s Department to know how much we appreciate you and everything you do for our community. I have attended several of the Renew Pasco events as well…you guys are AWESOME!

God bless and I pray for your safety every day!

Melody Simons

Subject: Thanks!

On Sat 3/16 AM, I called to ask for a deputy to check out the vacant house next door. I had seen a man outside,the previous evening, that did not belong & noticed the back sliding door was open. Two deputies showed up in minutes- checked it out, found no- one, but reassurred me to call anytime. It was comforting to know they took my call seriously and were very professional.

I am sorry, I did not get either of the deputies names, but, please pass on my thanks! In this day & age it is a HUGE comfort to know help is only call away !!

Tamyra Tuttle

Subject: Thank You!

Dear Sheriff Nocco,

At 8:00PM on 2/26/13 my husband, Bill, heard someone call for help from the canal next to our home. He plucked a very cold, tired, frightened young man, Joseph Merten, from the water and discovered that he had left a disabled vessel in the mangroves approximately 2 miles north of us. He informed us that he had left his elderly friend, Rick Smith, on the boat as he went for help. I called the Sheriff’s Office approximately 8:20 PM and had a deputy at our door within 10 minutes. Upon discovering that Mr. Smith had been out there for nearly 20 hours with no food or water, events went into high gear. Your marine unit, FWC and the Coast Guard all orchestrated a quick and successful rescue.

Your deputies and marine unit are to be commended for the timely manner in which they performed their duties. They are all a true credit to your agency. Unfortunately I was unable to remember names as it was quite chaotic at the time. My main concern was getting Joseph into a hot shower and into some warm, dry clothes. He arrived dehydrated and hungry, but left fat and happy!!

Again, thank you for providing this county with such compassionate and skilled people. They are true heroes.


Julie Buck

Subject: Home Burglary

We were recent victims of a home burglary. Deputy D. Pugh and Deputy Joshua Yungaitis arrived and began the investigation. They were both extremely professional, thorough, and sympathetic during the investigation. They were later joined by a lady from forensics that I failed to get a card from that was equally professional. I received a call during the investigation from Detective J. Berberich explaining that it appeared the items taken had been recovered and asking me to come to the Trinity station to ID the items. When I arrived and met Detective Berberich and Detective D. McClure, I was treated with dignity and respect as they informed me of the situation and had me ID the items stolen.

These five individuals are exemplary representatives of the Pasco Sherriff’s office and all of Pasco County. Their professionalism, thoroughness, courteousness, and excitement to recover some of the items made a very difficult situation much easier to deal with.

Deputy Joshua Yungaitis, Deputy D. Pugh, Detective D. McClure, Detective J. Berberich, and the lady from Forensics made me proud to be a resident of Pasco County for 28 years and of our Sherriff’s Office.

Craig & Kelli

Subject: Gang Awareness Class

With sincere gratitude and appreciation, I would like to recognize a member of your staff,Corporal David Rodriguez. He assisted with teaching a “gang awareness”class to our Parks and Recreation Staff on February 19, 2013 for our Staff Development Day at Land O Lakes Recreation Complex. This class was well received. Corporal Rodriguez was informative, very interesting, well spoken, and kept the interest of his audience of 80+ staff members.

I am sure you are proud to have such a quality employee on your staff. Please convey our appreciation for a job well done to Corporal Rodriguez.


Mike Gollasch
Parks and Recreation Supervisor

Subject: Amazing Job!

You are doing an amazing job!! I was recently posted in a bldg in Pasco off of Congress and EVERY one of your officers responded with the highest regard of respect and service oriented behavior. As a leader in healthcare administration, I commend you, your obvious attention to detail in training and your team. Bravo sir!! RC

Subject: Thank You

We would like to compliment one of your deputies that we dealt with this morning.(1-28-13). We called about a stray dog following us around 4:30 a.m.. while we were walking our dog. It was a friendly dog, although she was limping & emaciated. Our dog does not get along well with other dogs. The dog was following us & we made sure she was able to cross U.S.19 without getting hit.

Your dispatchers were very friendly & helpful as was Deputy M.Silva. He said there was not much he could do, but he did give the dog his leftovers! My husband walked our dog home while Officer Silva carried the dog & put him in his car & drove her to our house, so we could put her in our yard until we could contact some shelters. Officer Silva was very kind, helpful, & so compassionate. We just wanted to commend him for his thoughtfulness & assistance.

Thank you.

Donna & Dan

Subject: Thank You

I want to thank Sheriff Nocco and Deputy Gibson for monitoring the traffic for speeders on Stoneview Rd. Ashley Lakes Odessa Fl. This has been a ongoing problem and I am pleased that something is being done. Because of the people cutting through our community it has become a hazard for people walking, jogging and bike riding.

Once again Thank You Sheriff Nocco and officer Gibson.

Joseph Dalnoky

Subject: Thank You

D ear Sheriff Nocco:

I wanted to commend and thank Deputy D. Janicijevic. Deputy Janicijevic was called to intervene in a neighborhood situation. He handled himself in a very professional manner explaining to all parties the legal issues involved, e.g., neighbors’ rights, definition of trespassing, proper steps to take. He evaluated the situation, was empathetic and acted in a fair manner.

Incidents such as these are always unfortunate, but when they happen it is good to know that one can call upon the Sheriff’s office to assist. This is the second time assistance was needed, and it is the second time we received such

professional service. This is then not only a good reflection on the two officers, Deputy Janicijevic and Deputy Vavoulis, but also on the department. We hope we do not need this assistance again, but it is still a comfort to know that it is there when needed.

Thank you

Subject: Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to commend one of your officers I dealt with a couple of months ago. His name is Deputy T. Larese, he dealt with my issue with utmost haste, understanding, patience and sincerety and was a pleasure to deal with, sadly within many organizations there are rogue elements of it and too often we the public hear of these incidents via news or internet, this engineers a distrust between the public and police and so it is nice to report a positive action performed by one of your officers.

Thank You.

Thomas Williams

Subject: Thank You

To Chris Nocco

On a recent outing on our motorcycle we had a mishap and broke down on Hwy 52 and Secriat Road. We took off the leathers, then took a chance that someone would pull over to help us…No luck there! Then around the bend I yelled to Ken “I think I see a cruiser heading toward us..Thak the Lord! Sergeant Strube pulled up ( if she hadn’d been with the sheriff’s dept I wouldha’ve kissed her…..(we’ll I’ll let you fill that in!) Do you know she even phoned up to our CAA in Ontario to help order us a tow truck..Wow…I was impressed! It’s because of officers like Sergeant Strube that we feel safe here in Jasmine Lakes.


We wish each and every sheriff out there a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Patricia and Ken Beckett

Subject: Thank You

Love Sheriff Nocco! Awesome job, awesome Man. Thanks for cleaning up Pasco.

Dianne Hawkins

Subject: Thank You

I would like to thank you for getting alot of the drugs off the street and the prostituion you have done a wonderful job pasco county is looking much better.

sharry dimick

Subject: Outstanding Deputies

I can’t say enough about two outstanding Officers: Deputy T. Gasparino and Sergeant R. Scilex! Following a tip, they found my friend’s truck, that had been stolen. We quickly went to the scene. I was there, because I had AAA and my friend did not. We were there, two women with a bunch of kids, at the end of a dead end road. Yes, I was not comfortable. Once my friend had signed off on the vehicle, they could have left. But, going above and beyond, they stayed there with us until we had resolved a way to get the vehicle out of a sand pit.

This was no small matter! First, a stray dog jumped into the cab of the truck and would not leave. After Animal Control removed it, the AAA driver attempted to get the truck out. He couldn’t do it! Understand, this whole situation lasted about 3 hours. It eventually was pulled out and returned to the owners.

I was so very impressed with the professionalism, respect, and even kindness we were shown. It made me very proud to live in “Pasco” County. My heartfelt THANKS goes out to these two fine Officers!

Elizabeth McPhee

Subject: Thank you for great deputies

I just wanted someone to know Officer Corbino went above and beyond to make me feel safe in my home becasue of the issues we are dealing with. Officer Corbino did a fantastic job being prompt and getting the criminal off our street. I also think Officer Theeman did a wonderful job, quickly responding Halloween night, getting the information needed to get him behind bars!!! I want to thank Sheriff Nocco for providing us with such great deputies in our area. They all seem to care about what they are doing and are not just here to bring home a paycheck!!


From a current inmate…

….”I just would like to let you know how much my life has changed since I have been here. I got to get cleaned up from all the drugs. I also got to find a recovery group. That is called Celebrate Recovery and I hold it so dear to me. So thank you for having that here at the jail. Please don’t ever take it away. I am also taking the GED classes in the hopes of getting my GED. It’s something I have always wanted to do.”

Subject: Thank You

I would like to Compliment Deputy Dave Robarts and all of the hard working bailiffs in the West Pasco Judicial Center or their hard work at keeping the courtrooms safe. Deputy Robarts immediately reacted to a hostile situation in court and the other deputies responded with backup immediately. As an attorney practicing in the courthouse every day it is very reassuring to know that we have such capable and reliable deputies looking out for our safety. Thank you for all that you do.

Elizabeth Nixon

Subject: Thank You

Sheriff, we are very pleased with the service YOU and your people provide for us, the people of Pasco county…We voted for you and may GOD BLESS YOU.

If you or your deputies are in the area, stop by for coffee or tea.


Subject: Thank You

I have lived at my address in Shadow Ridge since January 1996. For the first time ever we had a sheriff cruiser slowly drive down all the streets of our subdivision, during the dusk hours on Halloween. To those of us who were giving out candy to the trick or treaters, he shouted out Happy Halloween over his intercom. This was so re-assuring that our officers were on the streets as just a precautionary force.

I love it.

Just to inform you this morning was the first All Saints Day morn that our trees were not toilet papered, there were no smashed pumpkins in the streets and no vandalism (graffiti on the wooden fences). Just a coincidence? I don’t think so, and thanks so much for the support. We DO appreciate it.

Terri and Jim Romberger

Subject: Thank You – Mounted Officers

Dear Sheriff Nocco,

Yesterday, 30 Oct. at approximately 4:00 PM I was returning a friend to his residence in Beacon Woods. We were approaching Dearborn when up ahead we saw three horses and riders. I thought this very unusual for a community like Beacon Woods. I pulled to the left side of the road to let the equestrians pass when we noticed the riders were deputies or at least had on Sheriffs uniforms. They stopped adjacent to my vehicle so the passenger window was rolled down. What ensued was a very pleasant conversation for about five minutes. The riders, two women and a gentleman were most courteous.

After I had dropped off my passenger and was exiting the Woods I again saw the horses and riders on the lawn of one of the condos surrounded by a smiling group of residents, one elderly lady was in the process of planting a kiss on the nose of one of the horses!

The team made a great impression on the occupants, at least the ones I saw. I would hate to be a bad guy trying to escape a mounted officer.

Thank you,



Subject: Thank You

Dear Sheriff Nocco,

I felt compelled to write this letter after an incident that happened on my street in Northeast Pasco County (Lacoochee) on the morning of September 14, 2012.

I, as well my family, were born and raised in Lacoochee. We, as well as many citizens of this part of the County, often feel that we are often overlooked. However, I feel that since you have been chosen to lead our Sheriffs Office, you have made a difference in our part of the county as well as the county as a whole. We not only have seen the Deputys presence in the community, but we see your efforts to remove drugs from our streets. We all know that illegal drugs, whether its Meth, prescription pain killers, or synthetic marijuana, are the root to so much of the crimes in our communities.

On the above stated morning, your department effectively executed a warrant at the corner of Slaughter Road and SR 575 in Lacoochee. The warrant resulted in in several arrests. The incident, to my knowledge, didnt even make the paper as of Sunday morning. However, it was front page worthy to me as it happened on my street. It may not have been a major bust, but we know wars are won by first winning the battles. We have complained about this particular residence both to your department as well as Code Enforcement many times. We know that it takes time, and we do appreciate you and your departments efforts.

I would not only like to commend your efforts, but those of the Officers that I had the privilege of dealing with Friday morning. They were very professional, personal, and I feel went above and beyond in an effort to assist me and my family in any way possible to eradicate the problems with this particular residence. Drugs are not the only issues at this residence. It is an eye sore to the community and has many issues considered to be both human health issues as well as environmental issue. As stated earlier, your officers went out of their way in getting all the other agencies involved in trying to eliminate all the other issues with this.

Subject: Thank You

On the 1st day of May Deputy Bishop responded with Beverly Gordon. She was a wonderful person along with being very professional. The compassion these two ladies showed along with the professionalism was amazing. You are very blessed to have these two ladies helping to keep Pasco County safe.

Barbara Burnside

Subject: Thank You

I needed some information re: Baker Act Transportation statutes. I was directed to contact Sgt. Larry Engle by a friend in the Sheriff’s Dept, as he felt that Sgt. Engle would have good knowledge about this topic. Sgt. Engle returned my call in a timely manner, and he went above and beyond to show me where I could find the information, how and where to download the Manual, and directed me to the pages involved with the information I needed. He was pleasant, curteous, and extremely well versed on the subject matter. I appreciated all of his efforts. Thanks to the Pasco Co. Sheriff’s Department for having personnel such as Sgt. Engle for available resources!

Subject: Thank You

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the help that officer Vincent Montalvo has given to me in recent past in uncovering the theft and return of some of my most treasured jewelry. He is in my view a great asset to our community, and I will never forget what he has done for me and my family.

Also, I would like to extend my appreciation to detective Cougill who worked on my case and without his assistance would not have come to a happy ending.

Although I have not recovered everything I have lost, I have found peace of mind. Thank you for all that you do each and every day.

Be safe and be well,


Subject: Thank You

I would like to say I am proud to have officers like Deputy Kelly woring in my area! He’s goes out of his way to cheer me up when i’m sad! He checks on me from time to time when he can to see how i’m doing and how my back is feeling. When my grandmother was sick he checked on us perodicly, and after she passed he came by to check on my every once and a while!! Officer Kelly is one of my favorite officers!! In my eyes he’s my hero!! I thank him for going out of his way to do all of these thing for me!! There are other great officers that have done the things for me to!!

I’m proud to have such a great sheriff’s team in my area!! It makes my feel safe to know I have such a great team of sheriff’s working in my area!! Thank you to all of the sheriff’s officers and officer Kelly for doing all of the little things. I want all of them to know it means so much to me!!

Thank You for everything, Leigh Ann Andrews.

Subject: Thank You

Thank you Sheriff Nocco and your team for yesterday’s arrests! For anyone out there who are not aware, Pasco Deputies made 14 arrests yesterday with more to come. They are arresting the store clerks (AKA Drug Dealers) that are selling the stuff. That is excellent news and I love to see that Pasco is leading the charge. They are not waiting for some state level or federal ban, they are taking action! Gotta love that!

My 2 cents and for what it’s worth, Pasco County grew so fast that it never had a chance to develop a sense of community. Maybe this economic slowdown has been good for something.

And now this public private partnership has worked together towards solving a real problem. These are building blocks toward building a real community. I’m proud to live here in Pasco and I’m proud of our Sheriff and his teams exemplary performance… I want to see Pasco be all it can be. Just my 2 cents….

In addition: I think it was Ray Crock, founder of McDonalds who said, “When a competitor is drowning, stick a fire hose down his throat!” A little harsh maybe but I’m sure you get the message… We ain’t done yet.


Erik Suojanen,

Subject: Thank You

On behalf of all of us on Mitchell Road in Land O Lakes, THANK YOU for shutting down the local drug house at 4017 Mitchell Road. Even if for only a short time.

Keep up the good work!

Subject: Thank You

I would like to commend the VICE/NARCOTICS/TACTICAL NARCOTICS TEAM. Your Detective was first on-scene at an auto accident on May 10th, 2012, in which my SUV was T-boned at about 45 MPH, pushed sideways about 3 feet then rolled on to another vehicle’s hood! He was instrumental in keeping me calm, getting the other vehicle to move to be able to physically get to me and provide pressure to my head injury until emergency service arrived. He also assisted in contacting my family. I have tried to contact him but was not able to get a hold of him. Please forward my appreciation and gratitude, he is a great person and I am sure a very good Detective. — Lynn Warren

Subject: Thank You

Thank you to the three Officers who stopped to help when Josh ran out of Gas this morning at the corner of Mass. and Little. It was 5am and he was on his way to college in Tampa and thought he could make it to 7/11 and came up shy. He has a big test today so their help and politeness is very Appreciated. They give the police force a good name and let a younger generation know that police can be helpful when you need them. They should get be Praised for their thoughtfulness. —

Kathy and Josh Kelley

Subject: Storm Evacuation

“A group of us from Suncoast Gateway Mobile Home Park were evacuated to the Mike Fasano Hurricane Shelter in Hudson for a few days. We all want to thank you for all the time and courtesy extended to us while we were there. We appreciate it so much during what was a very stressful time for us.”— Margaret Surrena

Subject: Thank You

Sheriff Chris Nocco…thank you for having your constituents stopped by and chatting with us. It was a pleasure and a treat to see two of your sheriffs along with two horses Sam and Andy. They chatted with us and made some pointers as to security in the neighborhood. Being new to Pasco county we expressed our concerns with respect to the empty house next door. They were not only informative, but speedy in getting one of your field supervisor to stopped by and assess the situation we discussed. I have been here one year and four months and this is the first I see them passing thru. They should make their rounds more often. Again, thank you and I wish you and your department success.


Petra Diaz

Subject: Speeding on Beacon Square Drive

I would like to thank you for your attention to the issue of the habitual speeding that occurs on Beacon Square Drive. Deputy Gibson contacted me promptly per my previous email. He was very courteous and professional, as all of your Deputies have been.

I would like to commend you and your Deputies for simply going above and beyond what the “average” law enforcement agency would do. I had a concern, you listened to my concerns, informed me of your plan to address the issue and put it into action. I have the utmost respect for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and I would hope that Sheriff Nocco could be advised of my commendation of your command.

A grateful resident who sleeps soundly at night.

Sincerely Yours,


Subject: Thank You

Ijust want to commend the sheriff’s office for their work in the last week, there is less foot traffic up and down our street, no hookers and drug dealings. I have seen more undercover and marked cars on our street thanks from all of us who own homes in this area.


Subject: Thank You

Just want to say thanks to all for your prompt reply to my request for a welfare check on my brother, who has some health issues and we hadn’t had contact with him in over a month. He lives in Dade City.

Thank you to the lady who took my call and was so pleasant as well as the deputy who did the check. Please tell the deputy that my brother did call home.

Barbara Muller
East Berlin, PA

Subject: Thanksto Deputy M. Townsend

I would like to take the time to Thank Deputy M. Townsend. I believe he is a true asset to our community, lately I have had to call on the sheriff’s office for help and deputy Townsend responded to those calls. He also showed up when my mail was stolen form my business. This was not his call but he said he wanted to make sure I was ok. He has a way of making victims feel safer, and that helping them is his top priority. Thank you for hiring people like him.


Subject: Thanks

On 5/3/2012 at approximately 10:15 PM, I approached two deputies who were fueling their patrol vehicle at the Pasco County Govt. Center. I asked them for some direction and advice. Though I did not catch their names, they were extremely helpful, courteous and professional. I wish to thank these two deputies and your agency for its professionalism and a job well done. Thank you!

Edward D Tschantre

Subject: Shutting down residences selling drugs

I want to thank your office, the narc squad, detectives and swat team who were all involved in the taking down of the criminals that were living and dealing drugs from a house on my street. When we noticed a lot of activity at the house we contacted your office and continued to give information on the TIP line. Apparently this worked and they have now moved on to someother location which hopefully is being closely watched.

I highly recommend that others experiancing this problem get involved with your department and that they are patient giving you time to make a case. Sometimes these things take time and we all hate to think that nothing is being done. However, I believe by being active “eyes” for you we can get things done together.

Thank you again for all your help. We feel much safer in our neighborhood now.

— Concerned Citizen

Subject: 911 Mistake

Earlier today (May 2,2012)I accidentally fat fingered 911 when try to reach my son 919 (prefix)and was amazed at the quick response in which 911 called to ask if everything was okay (mire seconds)after my mistake, they also informed me that the Sheriffs office might call to confirm my error, sure enough with in seconds they called, and I informed them of my mistake. From the time I called my son, and got to the end of my street (maybe 3 minutes) there was a Sheriffs squad car turning the corner, I flagged them down to inform them of the mistake as I was sure they were headed to my house to check. Unfortunately I have no names to commend for such a fast and timely response to my (thank God ) non emergency error. You should all be very proud of the service you provide and certainly don’t get the recognition you deserve. Thank You for your dedication and service to our community. Keep up the good job.

James Moses

Subject: Thank You

I just wanted to thank you for the Pasco ASAP medication drop off. It provides a safe method of disposal without harming the environment and helps prevent drug abuse. Also really enjoyed seeing the mounted unit. Way to go.

Marjorie Pavka

Subject: Thank You

Tonight I was taking my dog out to go to the bathroom. I noticed a deputy driving up to my neighbors house. After a few minutes he walked across the street to ask another family if the people across the street were home or if they had seen them. I am not sure what other conversation transpired but he called all the kids over and asked them if they would like a sticker and let them turn on his cars lights. The kids all had a great time and the deputy was very sweet with them.

I don’t know what if anything has changed but I have had a couple interactions on the street with deputies and they have all been incredibly nice. I just wanted to say thank you.

Natalie Lewis

Subject: Town Hall Meeting

Thank you for coming to Lexington Oaks for the town hall meeting. I was very impressed with your approach to law enforcement, the cohesion of your team, the handling of all of the questions(even the off base questions), and the presentations on safety, crime statistics and crime fighting.

Gil Van Helden

Subject: Beacon Square Neighborhood Watch

Good Day Gentlemen: Sheriff Chris Nocco, Capt.Jack Armstrong, Major Harrington,

On behalf of the members of Beacon Square and our Community, I would like to express our sincere appreciation and admiration for another outstanding presentation to our members at our Neighborhood Watch meeting last Thursday evening.

Your presentation captured the attention of all who were present. I have heard overwhelming positive responses to your visit. Your talk was inspirational and caused a buzz of excitement. Your slides were excellent and conveyed a reality beyond our expectations.

We appreciate your sincere devotion to your positions. Your professional mannerism, combined with your sense of humor, overwhelmed our members with delight. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example for our community. It is always a pleasure and a privilege to have you Gentlemen at our Association to speak to our Community. Hopefully, in the future we can be honored by having you visit us again.

One of the keys to success was expressed with you demonstrating to our group a strong work ethic, and your dedication. Words cannot convey our gratitude that is in our hearts for you participating in our cause, and making this possible.

I read this quote the other day and feel I can add it to my Thank you letter to you.

“ How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world. ~ William Shakespeare

I witnessed for myself, how in the time each one of you took to listen to each persons concerns Thursday evening at our meeting, truly makes a difference. Thank you again.


Donna Franklin
Vice President
Beacon Square Civic Association

Subject: Compliment

I was very happy to see today the mounted patrol in our development. Also was very glad to see some of the issues being addressed here. When my parents bought here in the early 80’s this development was owned by retired people, and it has gone down hill so bad that now we are looking to move. It seems reassuring to see the police in here. THANKS

Joyce Frantz

Subject: Compliment

Last evening, April 4, our 55+ condo association, Beacon Lakes #5 in New Port Richey had Corporal Alan Wilkett speak to us about your Pasco County Sheriff’s Department and review for us how to stay safe in our homes, cars and when we are out and about. Alan was an excellent speaker and I have received many compliments on his program. You have a valuable employee in Alan. Thank you for having these programs for the community. We hope to have Alan back in the fall to address identify theft.

JoAnne Stinchcomb
Program Chair, Social Club
Secretary, Board of Directors

Subject: Compliment and Suggestion

Long story short; I recently had some theft of my property from my truck, parked in my driveway late at night. I reported it and your department started the process and I thought okay, this will be pretty standard, but it really was more than standard.

I really just want to thank Deputy Elders for upholding a standard of interaction with the community that is aligned with everything I have been raised to believe about law enforcement. I think too often, I hear stories about parents who raise their children to be afraid of law enforcement; “if you act up the police will come and take you away”, rather than if you act up, “I’m going to discipline you my damned self”, and “if you ever need help, the police are here to protect you”. I can only assume that in your line of work, you all have an abundance of complaints from a society that has been trained to watch your every move, and you may not get to hear about how much you are all appreciated. Maybe you do, I’d like to hope so. In any case, I want to extend my thanks to Deputy Elders, the deputy who went out of his way to contact me and meet up with me to return the stolen items of mine you recovered (I apologize I don’t know his name, all I know is he’s a rookie), and the detectives working my case.

My suggestion, is to keep doing whatever it is you’re doing, because you’re doing it right.


Eric Maule

Subject: Thank You

I just wanted to mention about the person that I dealt with at the Pasco Jail Reception area. His name is T. Bailey. I would just like to say that he was very helpful in providing information about visiting my daughter and what & how to make things happen that I didn’t find the answers to on the web. He was very professional and courteous. Thank you.

Robert Jones

Subject: Thank You



Subject: Helpful Deputies

A little while ago today I had a very pleasant conversation with two of your deputies, Coker & Walker. They were on our street for another incident that had taken place and after they finished with that I asked them if they had a couple minutes to talk with me about some issues. The responses I got from them were helpful and enlightning and I appreciated the fact that they took the time to talk with me before they left the street.

I also would like to commend Sheriff Nocco for all the good work he has done in our county since being appointed to this position. Keep it up.

Sincerely, Barbara Marrs

Subject: Getting Drugs Off the Street

I just want to say you guys are doing a great job getting the drugs off the street, and when ever I have had to have an officer come to my home, I’ve been treated with up most respect.

Thank You.


Subject: Beacon Square Civic Association and the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program

Good Day Corporal Tim Brock,

We, as members of Beacon Square Civic Association and the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program, would like to express our many thanks and appreciations to you for coming out to our NCW meeting Thursday evening and speaking. One of the keys to success was expressed with you demonstrating to our group a strong work ethic, dedication.and professional management ability which was seen in the positive visit we had from you last evening.

We appreciate your devotion to your position and wish that we had more leaders like you. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example. Words cannot convey our gratitude that is in our hearts for you participating in our cause, and making this possible.

A round of applause to you!!!!!

It was a pleasure and a privilege and hopefully, in the future we can be honored by having you visit us again.


Donna Franklin
Vice President

Subject: Quick Response by Deputies

Just had to E you and tell you of an incident the other morning and the quick response by your Deputies.We had to call 911 concerning a male trying to break into our home and walking all around our yard trying all of our doors. I have an 8 pound poodle that alerted us to this. My husband called and within minutes he was apprehended. They were EXCELLENT and even though I did not get all their names would love to say Thank You for a great job !!!!!! As you have said people have to be your ears and eyes in the neighborhood —- and from what I have heard he had been in more yards prowling around — and also he had a Felony warrant from New York. I am proud to be one of your Volunteers —- You are doing an EXCELLENT job cleaning up Pasco !!!!!! Hoping to see you at TAT soon !!!!!!!

Fluffy Bedell

Subject: Celebrate Recovery Program

Sheriff Nocco:

I want to take the time to express my appreciation for bringing Celebrate Recovery to us here in PCJ. God bless you sir for caring enough to offer us help. You are a great example that needs to be recognized and appreciated.

Thank you again,

A detention detainee

Subject: Celebrate Recovery Program

Sheriff Nocco:

I want to thank you for instituting the “Celebrate Recovery” program in Delta & Echo pods. I have been clean & sober for over 1 year thanks to a faith based program. I pray that it would be made available to the other pod’s, and possible twice a week.

Thank you again,

A detention detainee

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