Colonel Jeffrey Harrington

Chief Deputy

Major Jeffrey Peake

Investigation & Criminal Intelligence Bureau Commander

Major James Mallo

Operational Logistics Bureau Commander

Major Ken Gregory

Field Operations Bureau Commander

Jeremiah Hawkes

Management Services Bureau Chief

Major Stacey Jenkins

Court Services
Bureau Commander

George McDonald

Joint Operations Bureau Chief

Captain Chris Beaman

Major Crimes

Captain Sharon Foshey

Acadamy Director

Captain Eric Seltzer

Special Projects

Captain William Davis

Juvenile Investigations

Captain Mike Jenkins

Special Investigations Division

Captain Stephen Hartnett

Patrol Division, District 3

Captain Rachael Williamson

Judical Services Division

Captain Justin Ross

Operational Readiness

Captain Tim Slaughter

Security Services Division

Captain Daniel Olds

Director, Pasco County Department of Emergency Services - Communications

Captain Tait Sanborn

Patrol Division, District 2

Captain Justin Wetherington

Support Services Division

Captain Joseph Irizarry

Patrol Division, District 1

Kevin Doll

Community Relations Director

Lisa Brown

Strategic Planning and Budget Director

William Henshilwood

Chief Administrative Officer

Ken Kilian

Child Protective Services Director

Lindsay Moore

General Counsel

Terry A. Phayre

Executive Director Office of the Sheriff

Kathy Donoghue

Finance Director

Baheerah “Cheetah” Muwwakkill

I.T. Director

Jared D. Hill

Special Operations

Larry Kraus

ILP Director

Chase Daniels

Assistant Executive Director of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office

Taffini Reed

HR Director