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Our Mission at the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Chaplains is to make a difference in the lives of deputies, civilian employees, command staff and their families, through our unique role in supporting and encouraging spiritual, religious, moral, corporate, personal well-being and other needs.

Chaplains Are

Members of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Chaplain Corps are sworn deputized representatives of the Sheriff. Chaplains are comprised of professional clergy members of various faiths who are in good standing in their in the community.

We are trained in many areas of physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Chaplains have a special understanding of the unique job role and stress’ of the Sheriff’s Office and we train to always serve the office of Sheriff and those employed by the Sheriff’s Office and their families with the utmost excellence and support.

How Chaplains Serve

Chaplains serve people of all faiths and respect their views as well as those who may express no faith at all. We do not impose beliefs on others or seek to persuade a person to accept a particular faith or political belief. Chaplains are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week through a rotating on-call schedule with one chaplain available at any time in each of the three districts in Pasco County.

Services Chaplains Offer

  • Prayer
  • Representing the Sheriff at community events
  • Fulfilling spiritual and moral needs as directed by the Sheriff
  • Counseling
  • Funerals and related needs
  • Weddings
  • Hospital visitation
  • Employee orientation
  • Crisis intervention (Critical Incident Stress Management)
  • Liaison with other religious leaders in the community
  • Assist with memorial services, recruit graduations at local academies, award ceremonies and other activities

Chaplains Will NOT

  • Break CONFIDENTIALITY with any Pasco Sheriff’s Office employee, volunteer or family member (chaplains are protected by law)
  • Report back to any superior regarding any contact with employees or volunteers
  • Interject themselves into any crime scene or other situation without approval by the on scene commander or their superiors
  • Provide emergency counseling that may best be provided by an emergency mental health professional unless duly certified
  • Enter into suspect or hostage situations as a negotiator unless approved by appropriate command staff

Who Qualifies As a Sheriff’s Chaplain?

  • Chaplain applicants are subject to a background investigation prior to appointment.
  • Chaplains must be ordained or licensed ministers in good standing in a recognized religious denomination or group.
  • Chaplains must be skilled in ministry and pastoral care.
  • Chaplains must maintain high spiritual and moral standards.
  • Chaplains must demonstrate a commitment to ministry with sheriff’s deputies, employees, volunteers and command staff
  • Chaplains must become familiar with and accept the policies and procedures of the Chaplain’s Program.
  • Chaplains must possess a valid Florida driver’s license.
  • Chaplains will be furnished identification that will be displayed while performing duties as a Pasco Sheriff’s Office chaplain.

Are You Interested?

If you are interested in joining the Chaplain Corp or you have further questions please send an email to or you can contact Cpl Alan Wilket