Travis Tipler

30 years old

Travis text his wife from phone number 352-631-0972 saying he wasn`t going to be around much longer and she did not need to bother replying to his message.  This happened at 1644 hours on 1/19/2017.  Travis may be in possession of a 9mm Hi Point rifle and a Smith and Wesson semi automatic 10mm handgun.
Travis was not at home when deputies checked his residence.  He may be visiting friends on Homewood Ln in Hudson or his parents/brother on University Drive. Travis is possibly driving his 1989, black, Ford Ranger bearing FL tag EPYU97.


getfileattachmentStephen Andrew White

61 years old
Weight: 200 lbs, gray hair and blue eyes

Last seen at Langston Ave. at approximately 11:00 am yesterday. Stephen left on foot heading to a library it is unknown the clothing he was wearing. Stephen  signed himself out for the day and was to return at 2:00 pm and failed to return as of the curfew at 10:oo pm. Stephen is bipolar, schizophrenic and diabetic. He takes medication for his Psychiatric issues and is controlled for his diabetes.



getfileattachment-1-2Nolan Poole

20 years old
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 180 lbs, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, brown beard

Nolan was las seen wearing a tan colored t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and brown boots. No tattoos, but he does have a scar on his left leg, near his knee. Nolan is diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bi-polar disorder. Nolan got into an argument with his mother about not wanting to take his medications. Nolan left the listed address at 1800 hours on foot to an unknown location. Before Nolan left he did not make any suicidal statements, however he has been placed under  a Baker Act in the past.


getfileattachmentMichael Thomas Milo

Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 380 lbs, black hair, and hazel eye

Michael was last seen on Saturday 12/10/2016 at approximately 1630 hours.  Michael was last seen wearing a light colored t-shirt, navy blue pants, and light colored shoes. Michael left in his vehicle (Gray Toyota Rav 4) bearing FL Tag # H878TD and has not returned home.



Kierra Shuntay Boles

23 years old


Kierra was last seen leaving her home on Finch Dr in Holiday on November 20, 2016. She left in a blue four door 2015 Volkswagon, and has not been heard from since.

getattachmentthumbnail-2Jocelyn Green

24 years old
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: Black hair, brown eyes. Her nose pierced, rose tattoo on her chest, wears glasses.


Jocelyn is considered missing and endangered. Her last location is unknown, but parents believe she resides in Hillsborough county.


getattachmentthumbnail-2Joseph Benjamin Jacobs

28 years old
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 170 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes with glasses. Tattoo on his right arm.


Robert Jacobs has not heard or seen from him in approximately one and a half months. Joseph is 28 and has a slight mental handicap. His father speaks to him by phone but hasn’t had contact recently. His last known residence is Tonga Ln Apt 3A, New Port Richey in a group home apartment. All roommates seemed to have moved from the apt. Joseph was last known to be attending Marchman for his GED but unknown if he is still attending.


getfileattachmentElizabeth Luncford

37 years old
Hair brown, eyes brown, 5’6″, 130 lbs

Last seen by boyfriend Charles Neely at  Elkner St, New Port Richey Florida on 11/9/2016, subject lives in is a neighborhood in New Port Richey north west of US 19 at Marine Parkway left on foot from listed address.



getfileattachmentMichael Eric Boyd

44 years old
Bald with facial hair
Michael, was last seen on Friday November 4, 2016 around 2200 hours in the Land O’Lakes area. His phone has been turned off and there is no activity on his bank records or social media. Michael is diagnosed with PTSD and takes four medications daily. It is unknown if he has taken his medications since Friday and he is considered missing. He was last seen wearing a green/white polo shirt, camo shorts and black/blue tennis shoes. He is 6’03/175 lbs and has three tattoos and a scar across his left cheek. Michael was driving a 2014 Toyota Tacoma with a trailer attached and may be in the Plant City area.




Catherine P. McDaniel
67 years old
blond hair, brown eyes.

Headed to St. Pete for a dr’s appointment at 1400, however called at around 1600 saying she couldn’t find the appointment because she was lost. She advised she was going to come back home. At 1615 hours, they attempted to call her back, but the phone was turned off. No contact since. She takes multiple medications for short-term memory loss, seizures, chest pain, COPD, HBP, depression, etc.

Last seen driving her dark blue 2010 Nissan Cube bearing fl tag # Y4LFB. She has gotten lost in the past, pulled over in a parking lot and fallen asleep. She does not have any of her prescribed medications with her.



Jesse Richard Handsaker

Jesse diagnosed with mental retardation and left his home alone at approximately 5:00pm today. He was last seen wearing dark colored (/div>ossibly blue) jean shorts and unknown color t-shirt. He was also wearing sandals and black reading glasses. On two prior occasions Jesse has been located at the Tarpon Springs  Wal-Mart. Believed to be on foot in the Holiday/Tarpon Springs area.


20160730_004457Izalena Herminia Torres Velez
20 years old
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 136 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes.

Izalena was last seen leaving Summer Place Drive wearing a white tank top, orange volleyball shorts with a white stripe, and black framed eyeglasses. Izalena left the residence without any of her belongings on foot heading in an unknown direction wearing no shoes.




image1Bobbie Lee Yachuw
71 years old

Bobbie left Anchor Way NPR to familiarize herself in the area since she just moved from Utah. Driving a white Nissan Altima.